Vintage makeup tutorial: ’50’s glamour

These days, with modern women expected to be high-achieving professionals with barely a minute to themselves, it can seem like we rarely, if ever, get to lavish the same kind of care and attention on our cosmetic looks as our ancestors did back in the 1950s. Although it must have taken a long time to put on all that makeup at the start of every day and remove it once more before bedtime, I can’t be the only one who pines for a time when every day contained its own little slice of personal glamour and pampering? The ‘50s glamour look is back in vogue, and I for one think that we can manage to squeeze it in for a special occasion, even with our hectic 21st century lifestyles! Take a look at our ‘50s glamour budget makeup tutorial and see for yourself!

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Blowing the whistle on male cosmetics


We’re not going to pretend to believe that any guys are going to be reading this post themselves, so ladies, we’re going to address this one to you directly, if you don’t mind. Most men have an inbuilt suspicion about cosmetics; they often associate them with femininity so the mere mention of guyliner or manscara will have them puffing out their chests and striding manfully off to the nearest boozer in no time. We don’t want to talk about the divisive subject of male beautifiers however (we like our guys as rugged as the rest of you), just the everyday male cosmetics that all blokes should keep in their side of the bathroom cabinet. Here’s what they need to know, and as they aren’t going to be reading this, you’re going to have to remember to tell them. Repeatedly. Continue reading

Six Unusual Beauty Tips

We all have our weird and wonderful beauty tricks that either do or don’t work, so we thought ‘why not bring them all together to create one unusual ultimate beauty guide?’ We bet that once you learn these interesting cosmetic life hacks designed to improve your beauty routine you won’t be looking back. Take a look at the few we’ve rounded up and see if you haven’t already heard of them yourself – don’t forget to pass them on, too!

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Beauty spring-clean: Refresh your Cosmetics

2 - Spring clean your makeup

Spring-cleaning is rarely enjoyable, not least when you realise the size of the mountain of cosmetics you’ve accumulated over the past year or so! It can be daunting to sift through every single product in your makeup bag or on your dressing table to work out what you want to keep, what you need to buy more of and what you should probably chuck. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you clear out your makeup bag and refresh your old cosmetics! Continue reading