Spring-Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

As the seasons change, so too should the cosmetics we use. While we may have been clinging on to the trusty tinted moisturiser that was perfect for summer and the neon nail polish that looked great against our autumn threads, it’s time to pack it all away and make way for the spring necessities. We’ve skin to protect, hair to make shine and fashion statements to create! Here are the cosmetics you should have in your makeup bag this spring.

Moisturiser for dry skin
During the colder months, your skin can become particularly dry as it has to contend with harsh winds and icy temperatures. To avoid dry, flaky and irritable skin, moisturise twice daily with a hydrating multi-defence formula. The light, silky moisturiser you use during the summer won’t do the trick, so choose a thick lotion that will last all day!
Red polish for your nails
Neons and nudes may have been in during the autumn but this spring it’s all about boasting red nails again. Whether you opt for deep, dark burgundy, or a pillar-box red, ensure they are always kept chip-free and perfectly polished by investing in a well-known brand. As long as you apply with care and look after it properly, one bottle of nail varnish should last you the entire season.
Lip balm, not gloss
Lip-gloss is soooo 2013. This year it’s all about using a soft, sheer lip balm to enhance your lips. Lip-glosses are sticky and can get messy if not used properly, while they also tend not to last for very long. Rather than keep a hold of yours in case it comes back around, we suggest binning it and sticking to your new lip balm for now.
SPF foundation
If you haven’t already been using a foundation that includes SPF, now’s the time to change that. The early spring sunshine of March is beautiful; even though it’s still bitterly cold, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can still do damage to your skin. Protect your youth and use a light SPF foundation. Opt for a foundation that is just a shade darker than your natural colour to achieve an even skin tone.
Makeup brushes, not sponges
Using a sponge to apply your makeup may mean that it soaks up more product than necessary and proves extremely wasteful in the long run. Bin the sponges and instead invest in a few makeup brushes for a gentle and even coverage. A makeup brush will also last a lot longer than a sponge, and your skin will thank you for how easy it is to clean to prevent bacterial buildup.
If you’ve any other cosmetic must-haves you’d like to add to our list, why not tweet us about them or get in touch via Facebook? For more hair and beauty tips be sure to browse our blog, and for all your beauty necessities, visit Direct Cosmetics!



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