Choosing the perfect gift for mum

Throughout your childhood she was your cook, your cleaner and one of your best friends, so she deserves to be spoilt on her special day! Rather than waste your money on petrol station flowers that won’t keep or chocolates that she’d rather not eat, why not get your mum something you know she’ll really appreciate this Mother’s Day? You know your mum better than anyone, so it’s likely you know exactly what kind of cosmetic products she’d be thrilled to receive. If it’s your budget you’re concerned about you needn’t worry, as Direct Cosmetics are on your side. You can search through our wide range of beauty cosmetics, hair products and accessories to find something ideal for your mum, and if you’re stuck for ideas, we can help you there, too.

Something soothing
If you’re mum loves nothing better than to soak in a long, hot bath at the end of a hard day, why not choose something that will make that experience all the more luxurious? At Direct Cosmetics we have a variety of bubble baths, bath foams and salts for you to choose from, all available in a range of gorgeous flavours. Our range of Upper Canada milk bathgrains work to rehydrate and purify the skin, helping to de-stress and soothe after a particularly gruelling day.
Something smelly
What girl doesn’t love receiving perfume? If you’ve spotted that your mum’s running low on her favourite fragrance or you’d like to spoil her by treating her to something new, take a look at the designer fragrances we have available on the website. We’ve a great selection of the most popular fragrances for you to choose from, so whether your mum has a bit of Beyoncé about her or is more of a Banana Republic kind of gal, you’re bound to find a fragrance that suits her personality perfectly. Why not even treat yourself while you’re at it?
Something essential
Restocking your makeup bag can be a bit of a chore, can’t it? This Mother’s day, save your mum a job and replace her essential cosmetic products for her! Whether she’s in need of a new mascara or would appreciate a new palate of eyeshadows for those evenings when she fancies getting dolled up, you’ll find everything you need online at Direct Cosmetics. Rather than buy her just a few pieces, why not build her a whole makeup bag of cosmetic treats? That way you can treat her to a brand new makeup bag – another little gift to add to the pile. Take a look at the makeup bags we have available now to see which one your mum will love.
It’s not long now until Mother’s day, so make sure you give your mum a special day to remember by putting some thought into her gifts and giving yourself plenty of time to prepare! Browse our website today for more gift ideas.

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