Mother’s Day gift guide: beauty recommendations

Mother's Day beautyMarch 30th approaches! Ring any bells? If not, you might be slightly terrified to hear that March 30th is Mother’s Day! It’s the day to take your mum out to dinner or treat her to her favourite home-cooked meal – and also the day you’re expected to shower her with gifts! If you’re still short of gift ideas for Mother’s Day, don’t panic! We’re here to give you plenty of fantastic Mother’s Day gift recommendations – and they won’t cost you a fortune. From cosmetics to skincare and gift sets, Direct Cosmetics has plenty of great Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to choose from!

For the makeup addict

Makeup might not seem like a particularly exciting present to get your mum on this very special day, but treating her to some high-end cosmetics will always make her feel appreciated! For example, you can get great savings on L’Oreal or Clinique cosmetics and accessories. If you don’t think your mum would appreciate your input in her beauty routine, nail polish is a fantastic option! Unless your mum is a makeup hoarder, chances are she’ll be missing at least one crucial shade, so take a look at our range of affordable nail polishes and choose the colour she’ll love the most! If you can’t pick one shade, go for a set of mini nail polishes – then you (or her) can buy her favourite once she’s tried them all!

For the bargain hunter

You might be surprised at some of the fantastic deals Direct Cosmetics customers can benefit from! We won’t list them all here – there are hundreds of new deals and discounts added every day. Take a look at our homepage for our best and latest bargains, or check out our special offers page to see all of our current clearance discounts! Your mum will never know that you were able to snag that designer beauty product for a third of its usual price.

For the devoted skincare enthusiast

Skincare is another tricky area of gift buying – you need to know about the recipient’s skin type, any allergies they may have and of course, their current skincare routine. Luckily, you’ll probably know almost as much about your mum’s skincare habits as she does. If you’d like to play it safe, see if we stock any of your mum’s favourite skincare brands. For those of you who are feeling a little braver, you could even get some anti-age skincare products… On second thoughts, it might be best to stick to some tried and tested skincare brands!

For the fragrance fan

Fragrances: we all love receiving them as gifts, but there’s always that slight trepidation when you test them out for the first time. It’s all too awkward when a loved one gets you a perfume that you can’t stand – in fact, it’s almost enough to put us off buying them as gifts at all! If you want to play it safe then stick to the top brands. A classic perfume will always be appreciated as a Mother’s Day gift!

For those who can’t decide

Can’t choose between skincare and fragrances? Want to give her a range of smaller products so that she’ll be sure to love at least one of them? That’s what gift sets are for! Whatever your budget, there’s a beauty gift set that’s perfect for your mum!

It’s not long until Mother’s Day, so get ordering! Got any specific Mother’s Day beauty gift recommendations to make? Share them with us on Twitter!


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