What does your perfume say about you?

Choose your scent
Choosing a signature fragrance, whether it is for yourself or a loved one, is never an easy task. The challenging part is when the chosen fragrance needs to really capture the essence of said person. When selecting a scent, it’s always worth thinking beyond what kinds of smell they like. Their personality, what foods they’re into and even things such as their favourite music preferences can also now be taken into consideration. Oh, how far have we come since the days of purely buying a perfume, solely to smell a little bit nicer! So, we thought we’d have a little fun and go one step further. Check out our feature below and find out how to choose your fragrance to match your sporty pastime of choice.

For you Dancers…
Can’t get enough of jazz, hip-hop or ballet? Or have you jumped on the Zumba bandwagon? If this sounds like you, then you are probably the kind of person who enjoys being in sync with your body. In this case, chances are your fitness fragrance is gourmand.  Lovely, foodie-inspired scents have a way of increasing self-esteem because more often than not, they evoke positivity and feelings of nostalgia. It’s even been suggested that these sweet scents contribute to a rise in endorphin levels. And that can only be a good thing, right?
For you Runners…
Citrus and fruity notes and flavours are synonymous with raising people’s spirits and lifting one’s mood. Not only that, but they make people feel more awake and alert. That means these scents are great for people who like jogging, as they enjoy the feeling of hitting their stride as a kind of pick-me-up and de-stresser.
For you Yoga die-hards…
Research has shown that flowers and floral essences such as lavender have proven to decrease heart rate and jasmine aids recovery, which is perfect if you are such a person who loves calm and good karma. Plus, scientists have discovered that floral smells actually help the mind learn new tasks. This could be due to the fact that subjects feel more relaxed thus are more receptive, or they bolster hand-eye coordination. Take your pick.
For you hikers…
The great outdoors!  A whole host of great smells and aromas. If you’re the kind of person who thrives off being outside, there’s a good chance that you like woodsy, earthy and musky scents. In terms of health benefits too, it’s been proven that these more natural aromas assist in combating both headaches and the dreaded insomnia.
For you spinners…
Madonna’s favourite bum-toning activity, the stationary bike used in a high-octane class. This level of activity requires participants to have huge energy reserves. And the spicy perfumes that give off very sharp tones are supposed to both help to increase stamina and also decrease fatigue levels after a good, old, hot and sweaty session.

Check out our fabulous Direct Cosmetics website today for a wide array of all your favourite perfumes. Start planning your Christmas presents early, or pick out a little treat for yourself: you deserve it!



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