Valentine’s date night: cosmetic tips for that big date

1 - St Valentine's cosmetics

The last thing you need to worry about before your big date on Valentine’s Day is your makeup. Take a look at these cosmetic tips for that first date!


If you’ve managed to secure a date for Valentine’s Day, go you! The only thing better than snuggling up in front of the television to watch romantic comedies with your friends on Valentine’s Day is actually going out on a date with someone you like. There’s no doubting you’ll probably have your friends to help you to decide what to wear, advise you on how to act and to run you through various date night scenarios, but who wants to wear the same makeup as their friends? If you’re keen to attempt something new or are worried it won’t all go all right on the night, we’re here to help. Take a look at our top cosmetic tips for that all-important Valentine’s date.

Exfoliate your face

If you want to boast a fresh, clear and smooth complexion you ought to start gently exfoliating and cleansing using a face mask once or twice a week, starting NOW! This will ensure that any pesky blemishes hiding under the skin are brought out and banished before the big day. By the time Valentine’s Day comes around your skin should appear firm and radiant. Avoid using a facemask on the day, however, just in case it brings out any nasty surprises when you least need them. If the worst happens and you end up with a spot, grab some emergency zit zapper to save the day.

Accentuate your lashes

During those moments of silence, just let your eyes do the talking. There’s nothing sexier than long, fluttering lashes – as long as you get them right. Start by pinching your lashes at the roots and squeezing them together in a pulse-like motion. When applying your mascara, wiggle the wand at the roots to deposit as much as you can before brushing upward – though be sure to wipe any excess mascara off your brush before doing this. You can apply more than one coat if needs be, but ensure that one coat doesn’t dry before you apply the next.

Soften your lips

While deep red lipstick certainly seems fitting for a romantic date, it can be a nightmare to maintain throughout the evening. Finding it on your teeth when you pop to the bathroom or noticing it smeared all over your wine glass will do nothing for your confidence, so play it safe and avoiding leaving him red faced (literally) by opting for a soft, tinted lip balm. Agent Provocateur Titillation is a rich, sheer and fragrant lip balm that helps to not only plump up your lips, but moisturise them too.

Perfect your blush

No matter how much your nerves may be getting the better of you, you can always add a little colour to your face with a rosy blush. A creamy formula will help you to create a more natural effect and will be easy to blend. Ensure you apply in good light so that you don’t come across too flushed upon arrival! Sally Hansen’s Natural Beauty cream blush comes in a variety of shades so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you. If you’re likely to find yourself with rosier cheeks after a glass of wine, begin with a base layer of neutral foundation to prevent yourself from looking too ‘glowing’.

Spritz your perfume

Whatever you do, don’t forget to apply your perfume! Two or three squirts should be more than enough – remember you’ve probably become accustomed to your fragrance, but your date hasn’t. Don’t put them off with an overpowering scent, but make them remember you by applying your perfume at your pulse points, such as your wrist, inner elbow and neck, to ensure it lingers in the air all evening.

Once you have these top tips down, you’re pretty much ready to go. Remember, you can find all of your essential cosmetics and more online at Direct Cosmetics!



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