Five cosmetic life hacks for when you’re in a rush!

When you smudge your eyeliner in a rush, don't start over again, thy this handy trick
If you’re anything like us here at Direct Cosmetics, not a week will go by when there’s at least one day where you’re running late for something important. Whether it’s the morning commute, an important job interview or a first date, a missed alarm or a ten minute snooze can spell disaster for your day. What if you haven’t the time to apply your cosmetics? You can’t leave the house without at least a little TLC! Fortunately, we’ve compiled these five brilliant cosmetic life hacks to ensure that you can rush out the door looking your very best next time. You can thank us later!

Find your keys faster with nail polish…
Ever rushed out of the door in the morning only to find that you’ve picked up your housemate’s keys by mistake, or have grabbed the set for the back garden instead of those for your office locker? Thanks to this tip, you’ll never suffer from key confusion again – no matter how much of a rush you’re in! Use colourednail polish to mark your keys – green for the back garden, blue for the front door, red for the office etc – and you’ll be able to identify the ones you need in a heartbeat. Hooray for nail polish!
…and fix torn tights, too!
We’ve all experienced the hell that is pulling on a pair of tights, leggings or stockings, only to find that they’re laddered and holed to kingdom come. Next time, however, you won’t have to strip them off and go in frantic search of a fresh, intact pair. An application of clear nail polish will help to bind small holes and tears for the time being, preventing them from ripping further or showing up too badly. Phew!
Hot water reduces mascara clumping
The last thing you need when fixing your makeup in a rush is to find that your mascara brush has clumped up something fierce. You don’t have time for this kind of calamity, but fortunately, a little application of hot water will help to separate the fibres of your brush and make for a smoother, easier application of mascara in future. Another tip is to dip the brush in the product just once before applying – don’t pump it like a sink plunger or it’s bound to clump!
No shaving cream? Use conditioner
No matter how much of a rush you’re in, there’s no chance you’re leaving the house in that skirt without seeing to your prickly legs first. But, disaster! You’re all out of shaving foam and don’t particularly want to subject your poor pins to a merciless shredding at the hands of Mr. Razor. Instead of reaching for the nearest pair of jeans, grab your conditioner and massage it into your legs – it will reduce the friction between the razor and your skin, just like shaving foam, and allow you to get a close shave without cutting yourself to ribbons.
Use an elastic band for a French manicure
Running late is no excuse not to look your best, but if you’re rushing to make an important appointment in time, things such as French manicures would probably take a back seat. But, what if we told you that there was a technique you could use to perfect French manicures in a matter of minutes? Simply apply your base coat as normal, and then for the tips of your nails, simply use an elastic band to etch the perfect straight edge across your glossy talons. Perfecto!
For more cosmetic tips such as these, be sure to check out our Beauty Talk blog in future. Don’t forget to browse our website for all of your favourite cosmetics at the best possible price, too!

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