How to Take Care of Your Hair This Winter

Direct Cosmetics - Take care of your hair in winterAs the seasons change, so should our hair care, for our tresses are likely to require a different kind of protection and need the help of various cosmetic products to ensure they stay looking healthy and gorgeous – whatever the weather! During the summer, you were probably using products to help protect your hair from the heat, the salt of the sea and the chlorine of the swimming pool, but with winter here at last you’ll need to reconsider the products you are using. Cold, frosty winds can have a harsh effect on your hair and leave it looking frizzy and feeling dry, making it quite unmanageable.

If you want to boast beautiful, winter-wonderful hair this season, take a look at our hair care guide.


Treat it with oil

It’s not often we’re told to reach for the oil, but during the winter using oil in your hair once or twice a week can do wonders for it. There’s a wide range of hair oils on the market that are designed to lock in moisture, nourish and repair hair and are perfect for helping to restore any shine and softness that the winter weather may have taken away. Macadamia Oil is a popular choice among hairdressers as it is a lightweight treatment that won’t leave your hair too oily.

Avoid too much heat

Just as you would protect your hair from the heat in the summer, your hair needs protecting from the heat in the winter too! While you’re in no danger of damaging it from the sun, using an excessive amount of heat on your hair with hairdryers and straighteners can weaken your split ends, causing your hair to become far more likely to frizz the moment you step outside into the cold. When you get out of the shower, gently towel-dry your hair so that it doesn’t drip and leave yourself enough time to that your hair dries naturally as much as possible. Use the hairdryer on a low heat to finish it off and try to avoid using straighteners if you can – a natural wave is definitely in at the moment anyway.

Condition, condition, condition!

Conditioner is a must and should be used generously every time you wash your hair. You should never scrub your hair with conditioner, as this will only make your hair knotty and harder to brush, rather comb it through your hair from top to bottom with your fingers, giving yourself a little head massage to encourage natural oils to the surface as you go. Coconut milk can leave your hair feeling fantastically silky, so if you can find a conditioner that contains it, go for it. If you have the time, every now and then it’s worth leaving your conditioner in for a while before washing it out as it acts as a sort of hair mask. You’ll certainly notice the difference. If you’re really struggling to make your hair listen to you, leave in a pea-sized drop of conditioner while your hair is still wet.

Haircare EssentialsTie it back

Trying to control your loose hair and keep it looking good on a windy day is near on impossible, so why not just tie it back? Tying it back during the day in a topknot or plait can help it to retain its moisture and prevent it from drying out. It will also keep it from getting knotty and prevent you from having to pull half of your hair out trying to brush through it later! When you do find knots in your hair, it’s always best to use a comb rather than a brush to get them out. Macadamia Natural Oil has produced a unique comb infused with healing oil, designed to help detangle hair. You can find it on our website at a great price.

There’s no reason why you can’t sport fabulously luscious hair this winter when you have the right products and advice to help you take good care of it. At Direct Cosmetics, we make sure we adhere to all of your beauty needs by providing you with everything from hair care products to beauty must-haves, to help you look and feel gorgeous. For more beauty advice be sure to check our regularly updated blog, or browse the website for the products you need, today.


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