Direct Cosmetics’ New Year detox plan

New year, new you - Cosmetics detoxIt’s difficult not to get caught up in the Christmas spirit when everyone around you is tucking into mince pies and winter roasts with abandon or knocking back the cocktails at the Christmas party. We wouldn’t have it any other way, of course, but this seasonal indulgence can take its toll on our skin. The late nights and early mornings, calories, salt, sugar and alcohol units of Christmas and New Year have the potential to undo all of your good work from the year just past, so with the festive period behind us, perhaps it’s time to undertake a feel-good New Year cosmetic detox to restore your skin to its former glory. Take a look at these five cosmetic detox products you can find on the Direct Cosmetics website, if you weren’t lucky enough to pluck them from your stocking on Christmas morning.


A good-quality facial cleanser should be the first port of call for anyone’s New Year detox plan. Cleansers can be used to gently dissolve impurities, smooth skin and help to restore its natural moisture. If you’ve spent the last month heading to and from parties, applying and removing makeup, drinking wine by the gallon and chowing down on salty snacks, your cleanser will help to combat the ill effects of such reckless indulgence and coax your skin back to life.

Facial scrub

As effective as a good cleanser can be, you won’t have returned to your pre-Christmas finery just yet. Facial scrubs can help to exfoliate your skin, removing any dead cells and smoothing your face to help reduce impurities and spot breakouts. During the winter, the cold weather can cause dry skin to accumulate in patches across your face – exfoliating face scrubs can be useful to help remove these, too. Be careful not to use your scrub more than once a week, however, as excessive use can damage your skin.

Body scrub

Your face, of course, isn’t the only part of your body on which the winter can take its toll. The rest of your skin can become sore and dry, too, while impurities, sebum lumps and outbreaks can also occur on your back, arms or chest. An exfoliating body scrub will do the same job as a facial scrub but for the rest of your body, so use both in conjunction with one another to give yourself a thorough New Year’s detox.


Of course, when it comes to tackling dryness and skin irritation, there’s only one product you need to consider. Moisturisers can help to combat dry skin, redness and irritation, spot outbreaks and wind chapping in cold weather, so a good-quality moisturiser will be an integral part of your winter detox arsenal. If you’re not sure which product will best suit your skin type, our Beauty Talk guide to moisturisers will help.

Purifying serum

Finally, help to protect your skin from the cold weather and biting winds of January and February with a purifying serum. Particularly useful when it comes to balancing oily and combination skin, serums can help to reduce impurities and minimise sebum build-ups as well as restoring a protective layer to your skin against the vagaries of the winter weather.

With the help of our New Year detox plan you can turn back the clock and pretend like Christmas never happened! Why not take a look at our Beauty Talk blog for more skincare advice, or browse the range of affordable premium cosmetics available on our website to prepare your skin for the year ahead?

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