How to Take Care of Your Hair This Winter

Direct Cosmetics - Take care of your hair in winterAs the seasons change, so should our hair care, for our tresses are likely to require a different kind of protection and need the help of various cosmetic products to ensure they stay looking healthy and gorgeous – whatever the weather! During the summer, you were probably using products to help protect your hair from the heat, the salt of the sea and the chlorine of the swimming pool, but with winter here at last you’ll need to reconsider the products you are using. Cold, frosty winds can have a harsh effect on your hair and leave it looking frizzy and feeling dry, making it quite unmanageable.

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Direct Cosmetics’ New Year detox plan

New year, new you - Cosmetics detoxIt’s difficult not to get caught up in the Christmas spirit when everyone around you is tucking into mince pies and winter roasts with abandon or knocking back the cocktails at the Christmas party. We wouldn’t have it any other way, of course, but this seasonal indulgence can take its toll on our skin. The late nights and early mornings, calories, salt, sugar and alcohol units of Christmas and New Year have the potential to undo all of your good work from the year just past, so with the festive period behind us, perhaps it’s time to undertake a feel-good New Year cosmetic detox to restore your skin to its former glory. Take a look at these five cosmetic detox products you can find on the Direct Cosmetics website, if you weren’t lucky enough to pluck them from your stocking on Christmas morning.

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