Party season makeup: the perfect smokey eye guide

Smokey eye guideThe winter party season is the ideal time for you to make a splash at your Christmas or New Year’s Party, hopefully without getting drunk and saying something inappropriate to a colleague or photocopying your bum! At any time of year, the right budget cosmetic look can help you to stand out from the crowd, push a budding relationship to the next level, gun for a promotion or simply help to build some extra confidence in your appearance. So, how can you get that glamorous look nailed for a night out? Find out here with our guide to the perfect smoky eye on a budget!

1. Conceal

As with the vast majority of cosmetic looks, the perfect smokey eye hinges on a flawless skin tone beneath it. Use a good-quality concealer on both your lower and upper eyelids, ensuing that your skin looks blemish free and smooth. Choose a product that’s as close to your natural skin tone as possible and be sure to blend the concealer carefully into your skin.

2. Line

Using an eyeliner pencil, your next step is to paint a line on the leading edge of both eyelids, whilst remembering to apply the product to the lash line itself. Try not to make the lines themselves too thick though – the more graceful and delicate your use of eyeliner, the better. Once you’ve done, gently smudge the edge of your eyeliner line with your finger or – carefully – using a cotton bud.

3. Shadow pt. 13 - Smokey eye step by step

Perhaps the most important part of any smokey eye look is the use of eyeshadow. On both your upper and lower lids, apply a dark shade of shadow using a blending brush and working out from your pencilled eyeliner line. We find that Earth Spirits Burnt Bark by Max Factor works especially well as an initial coat for a smoky eye sensation!


4. Shadow pt. 2

The next step is to apply a second, lighter shade of eyeshadow to help give the smoky eye look depth and dimension. Choose a pale shade like Bourjois Argent to ensure a stunning contrast between the two separate layers of shadow. Starting nearest the eye, gradually decrease the intensity of your lighter shade of shadow as you reach the outer extremity of your lid, creating a perfect blended look.

5. Mascara

Finally, it’s time to finish off your look with a coat of mascara. Dark, long lashes can perfectly set off a smoky eye look, but be careful to gently swish your wand from side to side as you apply to avoid clumping. If you want to avoid getting powdery mascara all over your painstakingly applied eyeshadow, try using a tubing mascara.

Hopefully, our smoky eye tips will have you looking party-perfect in no time. Our Christmas Shop is now OPEN! Find the perfect Christmas Present.

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