Direct Cosmetics’ Eight Easy Makeup Stocking fillers

Christmas is coming, hoorah! Finding bargain cosmetics is going to be all-important at this time of year: there are office parties to attend, family events to brighten up and the after-effects of overindulgence to camouflage! Of course, Christmas isn’t a time to think purely of ourselves, as much as we may want it to be. Christmas is a time of sharing and gift giving, and budget cosmetics can prove to be ideal stocking fillers for your loved ones and Secret Santas alike. Take a look at our eight easy cosmetic stocking fillers below and stock up ahead of the festive season!

Women Top Fragrances

Fragrances (women)

Buying the right fragrance for another person can be extremely difficult, but if you know someone well enough, choosing a perfume that really suits them can be a wonderful, touching gesture. If you’re lost in a sea of eau de toilettes, colognes and parfums, take a look at our guide to selecting signature scents for inspiration!

Fragrances (men)

Don’t forget the gents in your life this year. They deserve to smell good too, and let’s face it, you’re probably bored of that not-too-subtle aftershave he’s been splashing on for the last few years in any case. Take a look at our full range of men’s fragrances and pick him out a nice new scent.

Gift sets

Sometimes, we’re a bit too busy to go and pick out specific gifts for everyone on our lengthy Christmas lists. Fortunately, many cosmetic companies have already done the hard work of selecting complimentary products for you! Gift sets can make ideal stocking fillers, for the lads as well as the ladies.

Women's Gift Sets

Nail polish

Christmas is the perfect time of year to give and receive those little items that you wouldn’t buy yourself. You can never have too many nail polish shades, so pop a couple of these into the stockings of your friends and family for perfect additional gifts.

Fake tan

You may have noticed that there’s a distinct lack of sun at this time of year, and with big nights out like New Year’s Eve approaching, we all want to look our best. A bit of fake tan can perk up that pallid winter complexion and will be well received by your friends and family this Christmas!

Wash bags

There are certain items that you’re ever likely to buy for yourself, and these can make ideal gifts come Christmas time. Items like wash bags or travel bags are the sort of things that everyone needs, but many don’t actually have!

Makeup brushes

You may not be able to choose someone else’s makeup for them, but you can certainly choose their makeup brushes. Brushes should be replaced fairly frequently, but few women actually find the time, money or inclination to do so! Pick your loved ones up a new set of makeup brushes this year and earn a bit of Christmas kudos.

Pedi products

It’s always a treat to pamper oneself at Christmas time, but you can’t give yourself a proper pampering without the appropriate tools. Your friends and family deserve a treat this winter (if they’ve been nice and not naughty!) so a few manicure and pedicure products like nail scissors, files, buffers and cuticle clippers will allow them to do so.

Hopefully, these eight gift ideas will have allowed you to cross a few more names off of this years’ Christmas list, but if not, take a look at our Christmas Shop  for a bit more inspiration!

Christmas shop is NOW open!


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