What does your fragrance say about you?

Direct Cosmetics - What does your fragrance say about you

The idea of spritzing yourself with strong fragrances first came about as a way to mask body odour, but since the creation of deodorant, perfume has gone beyond that of a necessity, to being a must-have accessory. Men and women everywhere now purposefully select their fragrance largely according to preference (occasionally according to labels), and many feel incomplete without it. We can take as much time over choosing the right scent as we do choosing the right shoes or earrings, which is just as well as, after looks, the majority of us will judge a person by how they smell! So, how will you be judged?

Christian Dior once said, ‘You can tell more about a woman by her perfume than her handwriting’, but what does your perfume say about you? Whether you opt for fruity and flowery or musky and spicy, each perfume will give oodles away about your personality.

Citrussy & fresh: Do you love fragrances reminiscent of summer fruits that are light and refreshing, with hints of lemons, oranges and grapefruits? Perfumes such as Clinique Happy and Lacoste Love of Pink are ideal for a feminine, reserved yet confident woman who says very little but listens a great deal. Is this you?

Warm and tasty: If you prefer a thicker fragrance with more delicious depth, with notes of vanilla, honey, cinnamon or chocolate, then you’ll love Boss Orange and Angel by Thierry Mugler. These perfumes are ideal for a sensual, classy, healthy woman who certainly enjoys the finer things in life. Sound familiar?

Strong and woody – For those who often opt for scents with base notes of oak, sandalwood or other musky, comforting perfumes, you’ll love Agent Provocateur and Dior Dolce Vita. A woman who wears such perfumes is often quite the night owl, glamorous and fiercely independent.

Floral & heavy – If you love the smell of strong-scented flowers such as lilies then you’ll love Marc Jacob’s Daisy and Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. The perfumes are often worn by youthful, playful women who are always seeking romance and have a very positive outlook on life. Are you a romantic?

Your perfume should give a clear indication of the type of the woman you are – and if it doesn’t, you could be wearing the wrong scent! When choosing your perfume, bear in mind that not all scents suit everybody and that the chemicals in your skin can determine how a perfume might smell on your body.

Top tips

Even if you plan to buy it from Direct Cosmetics, it’s always worth trying your perfume before you buy; most stores will have testers available for you to do so. Spritz a little on your skin and let it sink in at the beginning of your shopping trip, and if you still can’t get enough of it by the end you’ll know that it’s the one for you! Don’t stick to the same perfume every day of the year because you’ll end up not being able to recognise it, which can often cause you to wear too much. Instead, alternate between two or three perfumes from your category – why not have one perfume for the day and one for the night?

You can find all of your favourite perfumes on the Direct Cosmetics website at fantastic prices, so you needn’t wait until Christmas to start smelling fabulous! Browse the website today, and don’t forget to check our regularly updated blog for lots more cosmetic and beauty advice!

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