What’s My Face Shape?

It may have occurred to you that different people have differently shaped faces; it’s usually not something you can help but is in fact determined by your genes. Depending on the shape you were born with, you’ll need to experiment with different hairstyles and makeup techniques in order to find a look that works for you. As a starting point, you can take a look at our guide to the most common face shapes, and how you can get the best out of them.


As you would expect, a round face tends to have a very soft, curved jaw-line and is dimensionally very even in height and width. When they hear the word ‘round’, some people automatically think chubby, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Think of Renée Zellweger: she has a classically round face, but always looks fantastic for it. Round-faced girls look naturally youthful; take advantage of that youthfulness by building up some good coverage with a liquid foundation and pick up on your individual features with a highlighter to create a bit more facial definition.



Those with an oval face shape have the curved, soft jaw-lines and larger foreheads of round-faced girls, but the overall dimensions of the face tend to be a little taller and narrower. If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face, you’ve been blessed with a great set of facial dimensions to work with and you shouldn’t require much enhancement from your makeup. Women like Beyoncé rock their oval faces by picking up on their stronger features by applying a little subtle blush to their cheeks and working a natural nude lip colour.


Reece Witherspoon

Heart-shapes are typified by narrow, angular jaws and a gentle bowed hairline; think of women like Reece Witherspoon. To make the most of your natural heart shape, you want to draw attention to your cheekbones whilst simultaneously taking the roundness out of the apples of your cheeks. Achieve this by highlighting the tops of your cheeks where the bones are more prominent and create the illusion of shadow with a bronzer subtly blended into the apples of your cheeks. Finish off the look with a warm lip tone and you’re ready to wow your peers. 


Rihanna is the master of the diamond face shape, and knows just how to make the most of her narrow chin and high forehead. If you have a diamond-shaped face, you can wear a fringe to reduce the height of your forehead and make your dimensions look more delicate. Using a shimmery eye-shadow will help to increase the width of your face, while applying a warm blusher to your cheeks will make them seem fuller and more feminine.


Jenifer Aniston

Women who have a bottom-heavy or triangular face shape would do well to emulate Jennifer Aniston, who often demonstrates some great techniques to soften the sharper lines of her face. Go for a classic smoky eye look to make your peepers more prominent and draw attention away from your jaw-line. A warm but subtle lip colour can help to make your mouth seem wider and even out the proportions of bottom-heavy faces.

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