The Flawless Matte Skin Guide

taylor swift skinDo you ever wonder how the glamorous A-list actresses, pop stars and socialites manage to possess flawless matte skin at all times? You’ll never catch Mila Kunis or Taylor Swift with a shiny T-zone, but even these glamorous babes aren’t born any different to you or I. So how do they do it? The answer, of course, lies in their cosmetic cabinets. There’s no special secret to mastering a flawless matte skin look, and with our advice you’ll be able to head out into town without a hint of shine in sight. Take a look at our simple matte skin guide; all the brand name cosmetics you need are available to buy at teeny-tiny prices from our online store!


The ‘shiny’ look many women dread at this time of year is produced when your body’s natural oils are visibly present on the surface of your skin. In order to prevent these oils from accumulating, causing visible shine and even skin irritation, it’s important that you wash your face properly each morning and evening. Use a clean flannel, cool water and a gentle face wash to clean the delicate skin of your face, before patting dry with a freshly laundered towel. Use a light moisturiser that’s appropriate for your skin type in order to better protect your skin throughout the day, too.


Once you’ve washed, dried and moisturised your face, it’s time to step in and prevent those natural oils from taking hold once more. A matifying facial lotion such as Decleor’s Aroma Cleanse can be used to subdue shine on your nose, cheeks, forehead or any other areas that are prone to shine. Its gentle formula means that you can use it every day too.


Perfecting the flawless matte skin look generally relies on the fact that you have flawless skin to begin with, and let’s be honest, very few people do. Before you apply your liquid makeup, then, it’s important that you banish those blemishes and revitalise those tired eyes. A high-quality concealer such as Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish will help you to hide a multitude of sins. Do you honestly think your favourite celeb never binged on a greasy Domino’s pizza and paid the price with an ugly red spot the next day? With the right concealer, you can say goodbye to such imperfections forever.

Banish shine

To achieve a truly matte finish you’ll need the right kind of foundation. Investing in a matte effect foundation will help to banish shine for hours, as well as smoothing pores, filling wrinkles and leaving you with the kind of skin your friends are bound to envy. When applying your matte foundation, consider using a brush rather than a sponge or puff, as the lighter touch will allow you to achieve a more seamless, convincing finish.

Keep it clean

No matter how well you prepare, you’re sadly almost guaranteed to accumulate oil on your skin throughout the course of the day, particularly if it’s hot and you’ve been perspiring. Fortunately, there is an inexpensive way to keep shine at bay without applying more makeup. Simply carry a packet of charcoal blotting paper in your purse all day and dab away any excess oil; you’ll be guaranteed to keep a flawless matte complexion for as long as you need it.

With the help of our advice and the branded cosmetics available from our online store, anyone can achieve the flawless matte skin look usually reserved for the world’s most glamorous stars. Why not take a look at some of the other cosmetic products available on our website, or read through our Beauty Talk blog for more helpful cosmetic advice.


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