Beauty Trend to Try: Dark, Bold Lipsticks

orange lipstick                                bold lipstick

We saw a trend we’re dying to try-bold lipstick!

Keeping up with the latest cosmetic trends is far from an easy task, as fashions often seem to change on a whim and what was popular one week may well be passé the next. Fortunately, the autumn/winter 2013 trends are easy to achieve and look fantastic, usually focusing on one stand-out cosmetic feature, so even casual fashionistas can try out the latest styles for themselves. This week, your friends at Direct Cosmetics are going to help you perfect the forthcoming pretty bold lipstick trend, and with the cheap cosmetics available from our online store, you won’t even have to worry about the expense!


The bold lip trend relies on the natural-looking application of nude look cosmetics, and as you’ll be going minimalist, it’s important that your skin looks its best before you begin. Whenever you apply makeup of any kind, it’s important that your skin is clean so that your pores aren’t clogged and imperfections aren’t able to form throughout the day. Using a gentle facial scrub, wash your face with warm water before massaging the product into your skin with gentle, circular motions. Pat your skin dry with a clean, soft towel and moisturise thoroughly to prevent dryness and irritation.

Covering up

No matter how dedicated and carefully planned your skincare routine is however, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be truly free from imperfections – we’re all human after all! For any patches of redness or discolouration that remain, use a well-matched concealer (we love the current Elizabeth Arden range!), appropriately blended into your skin to help you look your best in the buff. Try not to use too much foundation when going for the nude cosmetic look, but you might want to apply a little eyeliner or even some highlighter on your forehead, nose and cheekbones just to make your face pop.

 Choosing your weapon

Now comes the time to arm yourself with an appropriate lip shade. When attempting the bold lip trend, your lips are going to be the centre of attention and the feature around which the look hinges, so when making your selection, be bold, be brave and experiment! A washed-out, pale pink can look really striking, particularly on platinum blondes, so if you have a paler complexion and light, shimmery hair, why not try Maybelline’s Watershine lip gloss in Cutie Pie? For brunettes and women with darker skin tones, a dark red is often the way forwards where the pink lip trend is concerned. Take a look at Maybelline Moisture Extreme Collection for some gorgeous, vivid colour.

new trend to try out

 Perfect application

Now that you’ve selected a weapon of choice, it’s time to apply that luscious lipstick and take the trend for a test-drive! For a smoother, more perfect application of your chosen colour, treat your lips with lip balm before you reach for the lipstick – this will prevent your lips from chapping and cracking in future. Next, applying a lip liner can help your chosen shade to last longer, as well as making the job of filling in that perfect cupid’s bow a whole lot easier! Always start from the centre when applying lipstick and move outwards to the edges of your lips, filling in the whole surface with colour as you go.

There you have it – with our help, you should now be right on trend for autumn and winter without having spent a fortune in the process! Why not take a look at the full range of lipstick available on our online catalogue, and don’t forget to keep an eye on our Beauty Talk blog for more great trend tips and techniques in future!


3 comments on “Beauty Trend to Try: Dark, Bold Lipsticks

  1. Cara says:

    Ahhhh! You’ve convinced me. Do you think Maybelline dark rosewood would work???

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