The Flawless Matte Skin Guide

taylor swift skinDo you ever wonder how the glamorous A-list actresses, pop stars and socialites manage to possess flawless matte skin at all times? You’ll never catch Mila Kunis or Taylor Swift with a shiny T-zone, but even these glamorous babes aren’t born any different to you or I. So how do they do it? The answer, of course, lies in their cosmetic cabinets. There’s no special secret to mastering a flawless matte skin look, and with our advice you’ll be able to head out into town without a hint of shine in sight. Take a look at our simple matte skin guide; all the brand name cosmetics you need are available to buy at teeny-tiny prices from our online store! Continue reading


Beauty Trend to Try: Dark, Bold Lipsticks

orange lipstick                                bold lipstick

We saw a trend we’re dying to try-bold lipstick!

Keeping up with the latest cosmetic trends is far from an easy task, as fashions often seem to change on a whim and what was popular one week may well be passé the next. Fortunately, the autumn/winter 2013 trends are easy to achieve and look fantastic, usually focusing on one stand-out cosmetic feature, so even casual fashionistas can try out the latest styles for themselves. This week, your friends at Direct Cosmetics are going to help you perfect the forthcoming pretty bold lipstick trend, and with the cheap cosmetics available from our online store, you won’t even have to worry about the expense! Continue reading