Transitioning your skincare: Summer to Winter

Transition from summer to winter

When the weather changes we adapt our clothes, our shoes and sometimes even our hair – so why not adapt our skincare too? As the seasons change, it is necessary for us to make the appropriate changes to the way we look after our skin, as different temperatures and weather conditions can have various ill-effects. During the summer, we tend to wear less makeup because it’s so much easier to achieve a healthy glow when the sun’s shining.However, the sunshine and humidity can cause our skin to become more oily as it compensates for the moisture we lose when we sweat, and to keep this at bay, we tend to use more deep cleansing solutions and light moisturisers. Come winter, our skin requires totally different treatment, however.

Take a look at our top tips to transition your skincare products from summer to winter.


As you are likely to work up more of a sweat in the summer, working (and playing) outdoors in the heat and sun, your skin requires deeper cleansing to keep it beautifully clear. However, in the winter, the solutions you might use to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant are likely to be too harsh on your skin when the weather gets colder. The colder weather often causes our skin to dry out quickly and feel itchy and tight, so switch to gentler, moisturising soap to avoid blemishes and soften your skin.


Throughout the summer, you have probably been using a light moisturiser or perhaps simply some aftersun to rehydrate your skin without causing it to become greasy or sticky in the heat. Your skin dries out far more quickly in cold weather than it does in the heat, so it is recommended that you use a luxurious moisturiser at least twice a day to avoid dry patches and cracking.


Exfoliating is important no matter what the season in order to rid your skin of dead cells and maintain a clear complexion, but the type of exfoliant you use should vary. During the summer, in an attempt to gain a better tan and achieve a deeper clean, it is wise to use an exfoliator that has large beads or crystals, but this can sometimes prove too abrasive in the winter. An exfoliating body cream will be much kinder to your skin, gently eliminating any impurities while moisturising, and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.


We don’t think twice about looking for a moisturiser that contains SPF during the summer, but it is often something we overlook when it comes to winter. The fact is that the sun can damage your skin no matter what season it is or how warm it feels, so you should wear makeup with SPF all year around. During the winter, you’ll want a moisturiser that also rehydrates your skin and locks in moisture, protecting it from harsh winds and cold air, though it won’t hurt at all to choose one that’s tinted for an all-year-round summer glow.

For further advice on skincare or top tips on applying makeup or achieving on-trend looks, take a look at our Beauty Talk blog, or shop our products online, today.


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