Transitioning your skincare: Summer to Winter

Transition from summer to winter

When the weather changes we adapt our clothes, our shoes and sometimes even our hair – so why not adapt our skincare too? As the seasons change, it is necessary for us to make the appropriate changes to the way we look after our skin, as different temperatures and weather conditions can have various ill-effects. During the summer, we tend to wear less makeup because it’s so much easier to achieve a healthy glow when the sun’s shining.However, the sunshine and humidity can cause our skin to become more oily as it compensates for the moisture we lose when we sweat, and to keep this at bay, we tend to use more deep cleansing solutions and light moisturisers. Come winter, our skin requires totally different treatment, however.

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Trendspotter: Cosmetic trends for Autumn/Winter 2013

In the past, there have been some seasonal trends that many have shied away from because they were more wacky than wearable. Only the brave experimented with last spring’s foundation lips for example, and even then, it never really worked as well as it did on the catwalk. This year, however, inspiration has been taken from the more classic looks, for which we can thank the media for bringing back our love of the roaring ‘20s through The Great Gatsby and for constantly reminding us just how lovely Audrey Hepburn was. This autumn and winter, we can look forward to toning down the neon brights, and highlighting only our best features with sleek lines and sexy reds. Take a look at our detailed guide to the cosmetic trends for Autumn/Winter 2013 and model them yourself with the help of our best price branded cosmetics. Continue reading