The purrfect cat-eye makeup guide!

Cat Eye make up tutorial

The sexy cat-eye cosmetic trend has graced the faces of stars ranging from Angelina Jolie to Taylor Swift and Rihanna to Beyonce – it’s like a roll-call of the world’s most glamorous women! Some cosmetic trends are a little too outlandish for real women like us to try ourselves, but the sultry cat’s eye stare is one you’re safe to try on a night out or exciting event of your own. But how do you perfect this complex-looking celebrity makeup trend at home? With a little help from your friends at Direct Cosmetics, you’ll be rocking the cat-eye look yourself in no time.

1. Use layers of shadow to create gradient

The debate on whether you should apply your eyeshadow at the beginning or end of the process continues to rage, but we swear by popping it on first so that it’s easy to fix without smudging your cat eyes. You’ll need to arm yourself with three distinct shades. Start off with a shade that’s slightly lighter than the natural tone of your eyelid and apply to your upper lid. Next, apply a highlight colour close to your lash line followed by a darker, natural brown shade up underneath the brow. Gently blend the eyeliner with a brush or clean fingertip to create a shimmery gradient.

2. Curl lashes and line lids

Using an eyelash curler, curl your lashes outwards to help create that wide-eyed feline stare. With a dark kohl eyeliner pencil, first line the inner rim of your upper eyelid beneath the lashes by gently pulling your eyelid upwards. When you’ve done this, repeat the process to your upper lash line from corner to corner of your eyes. If your eyes are very sensitive or tend to dry out easily, line the skin itself rather than the inner lid.

3. Layer with liquid liner

The problem with many elaborate eye styles is that they don’t tend to stay put – unless you want to look like a smeary Halloween mask before the end of the night you need to use a liquid eyeliner pen to keep that colour in place. Follow the pencil line with your liner pen to avoid any problems later on.

4. Add the catlike curve

So far so good, but you hardly have the classic cat’s-eye stare just yet. The all-important curve is the key to unlocking the cat-eye makeup look, and to execute it you’ll need a steady hand on your liquid liner pen. You need to locate the area where the upper rim of your eyelid curves out to meet the bone of your eye socket – where those laughter lines form when we smile. Place a dot with your liner pen when you’ve located this spot before gently tracing a line from the point to the corner of your eye to create that sexy feline flick.

5. Finish off with mascara

By now you’ll be very nearly ready to head out into the world with your purrfect cat’s-eye makeup in place. There’s just one last thing you need to add: the mascara! Like we said before, you don’t want to end up covered in streaks and smears, so use a waterproof mascara to keep your colour in place all night long. Gently jink the applicator wand from side to side through your lashes to avoid clumping and you’re done!

With our purrfect cat-eye cosmetic guide you can have the latest celebrity look in no time, but why stop there? Take a look at the other articles on our Beauty Talk blog and master all the latest cosmetic trends at home with the help of the bargain makeup available on our online store.

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