Special Occasion Makeup!

Date night makeup

Summer’s in the air, and with the warm weather on its way (so we’re told!), the sun has an odd effect on people. All of a sudden, love can catch up with you when you least expect it. If you’ve been asked out on the spur of the moment, you’ll often be left with little time to prepare for the big night in question. It’s happened to all of us, hasn’t it? Suddenly, date night is looming and the makeup cabinet is bare. How can you make yourself pretty as a picture without pilfering too much from your purse? Fortunately, your friends at Direct Cosmetics can help by solving the £25 date night dilemma!

Flawless Skin


No-one can look their best without a flawless complexion, and the last thing you want on a first date is a blemish or imperfection sapping your confidence and prompting awkward pauses in conversation over dinner. Wash your face gently but thoroughly before applying a concealer that closely matches your own skin tone to any areas or redness, blemishes and the dark circles under your eyes – we like Nivea’s Perfect Cover at just £2.89. For a really flawless finish, a liquid foundation like Stila’s Pivotal Skin £2.99 will give you a bright, even skin tone that, when appropriately blended, will look convincingly your own. He’ll never know the difference!

Come-and-get-me Eyes

As it’s a first date, you probably don’t want to be too outlandish or adventurous with your eye makeup, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pull out a few secret weapons of seduction! Give your lashes a nice coquettish curl before applying some dark volumising mascara, like Lash Architecte by L’Oreal to add a bit of extra length (size matters, after all). Use an eyeliner pencil of a similar tone, like Studio Secrets EyeLiner, to apply a dark line across the edge of both your upper and lower eyelids. Consider applying an upward flick at the outer corners of your eyes to add an element of playfulness to your look. If you’d like to play it sultry, try our smokey eye guide to really wow him.

Kissable Lips

What do you do with your lips if you’re looking for that elusive first kiss? Some men love the striking confidence of red lipstick but others don’t, so it’s better to play it safe for now. We’d recommend that you opt for a nude lipstick (Studio Secrets’ Nude #410 at £2.49 is ideal) for the time being to allow your eyes to pull focus, at least for the first date! Add a clear lip gloss (Maybelline Water Shine,) over the top to give your lips an attractive sheen, and prevent colour from rubbing off on wine glasses, lips or shirt collars.

Heaven Scent

Of course, if seduction is your intention, you’ll want to choose the right scent for the occasion. Every scent smells different from person to person and some varieties of perfume will suit you where others won’t, so recommending the right fragrance for you isn’t an easy task! We like fruity, feminine and floral fragrances when it comes to the fine art of seduction, so give yourself a subtle squirt of La Senza’s Undiscovered  if you’re looking to make an impact on your big night! If you’re not sure, take a peek at our guide to choosing the right signature scent.

By our reckoning, that should be no more than £25 – sounds like a bargain, particularly if he’s paying for dinner! Keep an eye on our Beauty Talks budget cosmetics blog for more tips and tutorials in future, and don’t forget to share our advice with your friends using the social share buttons below!


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