What will your summer beauty look be?

Jennifer Lopez at ISC Miami.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long gone are the days of eye-catching burgundies and neon pinks: now a gentle application of a subtle peach powder is all the blush you’ll need. In some instances, going over the top with cosmetics can be fun, such as trying out a daring streak of red across your lips or thickening those ticks at the corners of your eyes for that cat eye look, but when it comes to accentuating your skin colour, it’s sometimes best to stick to as little makeup as possible. That’s how celebrities such as Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh and Jennifer Lopez manage to create such beautiful, natural looks.

The fantastic thing about the peach blush look is that it can suit almost any skin tone. If you are olive skinned and lack a bit of colour on your cheeks during the duller months of the year, adding a touch of peach blush can brighten your complexion and highlight your skin’s golden undertones. For those of you with a paler complexion, a hint of peach adds all the colour you’ll need to avoid looking a little washed out. If you want to achieve this latest summer beauty look, here are some top tips to bear in mind…

Power of powder

It is a common mistake to make in thinking that powder should be a necessity to your makeup bag. If your skin is a little dry, it’s best to skip the powder altogether and avoid dark shades. Instead, opt for a creamy blush and apply using a circular motion along your cheekbones to create a natural everyday look.

Peach blush

Careful colours

Like any blusher, peach comes in a variety of shades and not all of them will be right for you. If you are pale skinned, try to avoid dark peach colours as they will stand out and defeat the purpose of a natural look; similarly, if you are olive skinned, it is likely that a lighter peach will create an unnatural effect against your skin.


Many blush products will come with a slight shimmer effect already included in the powder or cream, but if not, adding a little shimmer to your cheeks can create a gorgeous everyday glow. Grab your blush brush and blend the shimmer along your cheekbones; this can be applied on top of your blusher or you can just wear it alone.

Light lift

A shimmery peach powder or cream will create a radiance that will make you look healthier and brighter, and because it is such a versatile colour, it can be added to your eyelids too! This will make for an instant eye-opener and give your lids the lift they need.

You’ll find everything you need to complete this gorgeous summer look on the Direct Cosmetics website. Check out what peachy products we have on offer – why not take a look at some of our other summer-ready products too?


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