How will you bronze up this summer?

Summer glow

It’s finally happened: summer is here, sort of, and that means it’s time to look at holidays in the sun, pop to the beach and pop on our shorts again – hurrah! Of course, it does also mean that it’s time to get the pins out and look at them critically. If, like me, you’re not a great fan of the colder months and only manage to get through winter by layering up (tights, leggings AND jeans!), it’s likely that your legs have turned a bewitching and almost luminescent shade. Fear not, ladies, for I’m here to let you know the best products out there if you want to fake it to make it.

Traditional fake tan

When most people think ‘fake tan’, they’ll think of it coming in this form. Normally applied as a lotion or gel, it can give great results with a deeper, bronze hue. For a successful application, grab a good exfoliator and give your body a good scrub the day before you intend to bronze up. This will give your skin a chance to settle down again afterwards. Whilst the colour of this is great, it’s one of the most prone to leaving unsightly streaks and leaving your hands orange. Apply sparingly in multiple layers to build up the colour, and be sure to use a glove if you can. The best I’ve found is Sun Glow by Vie or Sunlight Bronze by Sunkissed


Spray tan

Tan-in-a-can is one of my preferred choices when tackling my summer body preparation. I love the Piz Buin range, which gives even coverage. Unlike traditional tanners, mist sprays dry much more rapidly, meaning there’s a much lower chance of you staining clothes and furniture. Sadly, it can be a little more difficult to achieve even coverage unless you’re incredibly adept at holding the can the same distance from your skin whether you’re spraying the front or the back. For best results, rope in a willing partner-in-crime to spray your legs for you.

Face tanning products

Whilst you could theoretically use either of the above methods on your face, you might find that the thin skin is most prone to uneven coverage and unsightly errors. Don’t battle on with the wrong products: save adding a little colour to your face and neck to a dedicated product. Whilst foundations, bronze powders and blushers can do a great job, I love having the backup plan of a dedicated wash off face mist. This illuminates beautifully and gives a radiant glow – perfect for those warmer nights out.

Whichever method you choose, for best results you’ll need to do a little bit of preparation. Take a look at our summer guide that lets you know how best to prepare, protect and perfect your summer glow and keep people guessing. “Have you been on holiday recently?” they’ll cry. No, but I do know a great cosmetics website with all of the very best beauty advice.


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