How to Look Good Naked – A Cosmetics Guide

feel good nakedUnless you’re lucky enough to know a certain celebrity, no-one ever teaches you how to look good in the buff. There are thousands of articles on how to dress, how to accessorise, how to wear your hair and how to make the most of cosmetics, but precious few on perfecting the most natural state you can assume: nudity. So how can you look good naked? Gok Wan and his team of stylists and photographers are unlikely to turn up on your doorstep just in time to have you looking divine in the nude, but with the help of Direct Cosmetics and our new range of products, you can feel confident and sexy in the raw in no time.

Lights, camera, action!

Ever notice how you look a lot better in some mirrors than in others? Well, it’s often not the mirror’s fault but the lighting. Stark, bright, overhead lighting is far from forgiving and can cast truly unflattering shadows, so be sure to set the right scene for seduction by lighting the room appropriately. Use soft lamps – or even better – scented candles to illuminate the space and you’ll look and feel a whole lot better in your skin.

Hair and makeup

Just because you aren’t wearing any clothes, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to face the music without help. Subtle makeup can help you to feel more confident in the nude, so consider applying a little light blush or a sexy lip colour. Muss and mess up your hair to give that sultry bed-head look – now is not the time to look primped, pampered and perfect, as you’ll probably only find the majority of your makeup on the pillow and smeared across your face. Keep things subtle for a naturally sexy look.

Striking a pose

How you hold yourself can have a significant impact on how you look in the nude. An unconfident, slump-shouldered stance is about a million miles from sexy, whereas a coquettishly cocked leg or elegantly arched back will help to display your body in its best light. Posing at an angle to your partner will help you to look slimmer and more seductive, too! Hold your nerve on this one – even if you don’t feel confident, nobody will be able to tell if you’re faking it.

Tailoring your birthday suit

To look your best in lingerie or in the nude, it’s important to ensure that your skin is in perfect condition. Using moisturising products such as Agent Provocateur’s body glamour sauce and firming products such as their Titillating Decolletage and Derriere Balm will help to leave your skin looking its best. For long-term results nothing beats a healthy diet, fresh air and exercise, but cosmetics are always your friends when it comes to looking good naked!

With our help, you should now have the knowledge and the confidence to wow anyone in the nude! Keep an eye on our Beauty Talk blog for more cosmetic tips and tutorials this year, and don’t forget to check out the full range of Agent Provocateur cosmetics on the Direct Cosmetics store!


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