How To: Pick Your Perfect Holiday Cosmetics

Are you packing your makeup bag for a holiday this year? More and more people are seeking to get away from the miserable wind and rain of wintry Britain that seem to continue all year round. Wherever you’re going this year, be sure to pack yourself the right budget cosmetics for the job.

Sunscreen – Regardless of whether you’re jetting off somewhere sunny or taking a trip to a snowy Alpine peak, you’re going to need to bring sunscreen with you. We hope you wouldn’t forget to take sunscreen if you’re planning to spend a fortnight bronzing on the beach, but it’s just as important in the mountains. The snow reflects sunlight back into your face and the high altitude means that you have less protection form UV rays – you need to keep your skin safe under such conditions. 

 SPF Moisturiser – Your skin is vulnerable to chapping and irritability in the cold and wind, but the salt from seawater is just as likely to dry your skin out and leave you feeling uncomfortable as the snow. Skincare is important to have you looking your best, and you wouldn’t want to let your standards slip on holiday, would you? Pick up a moisturiser with SPF to help soften you skin and give you a double layer of protection from harmful UV rays.  

Concealer – One of the quickest ways to look your best while on holiday is to simply cover up the imperfections and discoloured patches on your face. A good quality concealer can be used to cover up the undereye circles caused by jet lag and any spots you may have picked up after sinking too many glasses of wine!

 Hair removal gel – Planning on stripping down to your bikini this year, whether to take a turn at tanning or slip into a sauna after an exhausting day? If so, you’ll want to avoid a hair-raising experience! Remember to get rid of any excess body hair with some hair removal gel before you face the world in your swimming cossie alone!

 Blusher – When you’re not swimming, lounging around the pool or sleeping off the effects of the night before, you might want to head out for a meal or a couple of cocktails. If so, don’t forget to give yourself a healthy holiday glow before you join the other beautiful people at the bar. A quick application of blush will disguise a multitude of sins and leave you looking healthy and happy in no time.
These five holiday essentials will keep you covered wherever you’re travelling this summer, whether you’re a dedicated sun-seeker or a veritable snow angel! Take a look at our full range of cosmetics online and keep an eye on our blog for more great cosmetic tips this year!


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