Five Makeup Survivor Essentials

Your handbag can only hold so much. Here are five makeup essentials and why you shouldn’t leave home without them!

Survivor Essential Lipsticks

If you wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house without immaculate makeup, you’ve probably thought long and hard about what makeup essentials you’ll need to take with you to make doubly sure you don’t suffer a bad face day. Unfortunately, your handbag can only hold so much, and you don’t want to be wandering around with one freakishly overdeveloped arm straining to support the weight of your entire makeup case. If this sounds familiar, listen up; these are the only five makeup items you’ll ever need to take out with you.

1. Lipstick

Well, this one is a bit of a no-brainer. If you’ve put your lippy on in the morning or on a night out you’re going to be leaving it everywhere you go; on coffee cups, on glasses, maybe even on someone else’s face. Ensuring that your favourite lipstick is to hand will help you avoid leaving a pale, faded crescent in the middle of your otherwise luscious lips come home-time.

2. Concealer

Concealer is essential for maintaining your facial perfection over the course of a long day. If you’re starting to look a bit tired under the eyes, or nightmarishly you develop a spot, having a good concealer to hand can mean the difference between a drama-free outing or a confidence-sapping crisis. When spots appear, it’s hard not to keep touching them to determine how obvious they are, and that can make them  red and inflamed; a good concealer will give you the confidence to leave them alone.


3. Eyeliner/mascara

Your eyeliner isn’t indestructible, so it’s best to be able to keep it topped up. If you’re going to be out for a long time your eyeliner will naturally fade, so pop a good-quality liquid eyeliner in your bag to stop yourself looking washed out by the end of the day. A quick reapplication of a good mascara is a simple trick to make you look that little bit more naturally gorgeous.

4. Moisturiser

Depending on your skin type,  moisturiser can be absolutely vital. Those whose skin is prone to dryness will know that having a moisturiser handy will help keep their skin looking firm, healthy and invigorated. Leave home without one and you’ll risk your skin becoming dry, red and sore over the course of a busy day. Moisturiser will also help to plump up tired looking skin, so you’ll develop a beautiful glow.

5. Removal wipes

All too easy to forget and all too often left out, but you’ll thank us the next time you reach into your bag and find these little beauties nesting there. If you’re out and about or travelling, sooner or later it will be time to turn in and remove your makeup. These will make the job a whole lot easier on the go, particularly if you’ve got sensitive skin. They’re also great for clearing up smeared mascara and removing that ‘panda eyes’ look.

So there you have it. No more excuses for not looking fabulous on the go! For more great tips, tricks and deals every week, sign up to our newsletter.


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