How to Disguise those Tired eyes

You know how it is in the 21st century – we’re all busy, busy, busy, and that’s why so many people order makeup online. If you’re not putting in long hours at work you’re sorting out tax, bills and other boring life admin, cleaning the house or doing the shopping, you’re out at a party or drinking with your friends. You wouldn’t have it any other way of course, but that lifestyle can take its toll on your body as well as your mind. How many times have you crawled out of bed in the morning, stared blearily at the bathroom mirror and been met with puffy, dark circles and red-rimmed lids staring back at you? No-one likes to look as bad as they feel, so we’ve decided to throw together a quick how-to guide on how to banish those tiresome tired eyes.


One of the main reasons that your eyes look so tired and puffy is because a lack of sleep leaves them irritable and sore. Using soothing skincare products on the skin around your eyes will not only make you feel better but can make you look less tired, too. Decleor’s Aroma Solutions soothing face cream is designed to soothe and moisturise tired and delicate areas, like the thin skin around your eyes, while their Harmonie Calm eye gel cream will help to further nullify the causes of tired eyes. Once your eyes are feeling less sore, you’ll notice the swelling and redness will be reduced.


The skin under and around your eyes is thin and easily damaged – this is why crow’s feet are among the first wrinkles to appear. In order to stop the skin around your eyes from becoming damaged and showing the signs of tiredness more clearly, you need to moisturise frequently. You can buy specialised undereye moisturisers, but so long as you use a gentle, unfragranced moisturiser for the rest of your skin, you can use the same product under your eyes, too.

Take action

Some people are naturally prone to dark under-eye circles, regardless of whether or not they’re actually tired. Fortunately, such people can take action to prevent those dark under-eye circles from making them appear tired, unhappy or even prematurely aged. Eye Circle by Skin Doctors is a product designed to provide a dramatic reduction in severe under eye circles, using Haloxyl to combat one of the major signs of facial fatigue.


Now that you’ve taken steps to prevent the problem from occurring, you can have a go at masking what damage has already occurred. Use an under-eye concealer that closely matches your natural skin tone and apply it to the discoloured areas around your eyes. Carefully blend the product in using the tip of a clean finger to effectively disguise the appearance of tired eyes.

If you follow these four steps you’ll never have to worry about tired eyes again, no matter how hectic your lifestyle! Take a look at our full range of eye health and beauty products on our online store, and don’t forget to share our advice using the social buttons below!


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