MakeUp Mistakes and MasterStrokes

Do you make these six makeup mistakes?

do you make these make up mistakes?You know what it’s like: sometimes you just don’t feel dressed until you’ve seen to your makeup in the morning. The right balance of makeup, much like the right outfit, can make you feel like a million dollars. Looking good improves your confidence, which in turn can open doors for you personally, socially and professionally. However, a makeup faux-pas can ruin your day, and the worst part is that you may not even know about it. Here are six of the most common mistakes you could be making, and how you can remedy them.

1.Compliment, don’t disguise

While certain products are great for covering up those little defects or imperfections, it’s important to have the confidence to compliment what you’ve got. The best makeup artists are those who apply their products to accentuate the natural charms of their subjects, and there’s no reason why you should be any different. Take a little time to understand the shape of your face, the set and positioning of your eyes, the curve and bow of your lips, the colour, tone and texture of your skin. There are products and techniques out there to best suit every kind of face so you should revel in yours. Don’t worry – we’ll soon cover how all of these affect your makeup choices in detail. Follow us on TwitterFacebook or Google+ to stay in the know (and grab some great deals, naturally!)

2. Don’t overdo it

It’s all too easy to become over-reliant on makeup, and as with any other form of compulsive behaviour, this can escalate and become increasingly difficult to stop. If you find yourself caking on the foundation or daubing your lashes with mascara, try going more subtle for a week. Many women use excessive foundation to cover up bad skin, but often this can just exacerbate the issue. Taking a step back for a little while allows your skin to recover; you can then start from scratch and find a more suitable makeup routine that works for you. Your skin will rarely be as bad as you may think it is.

3. Lip Colour

It’s amazing how often you see women using shades that just don’t compliment their natural colouring at all. Paler skin tones traditionally suit much brighter, vibrant lip shades and gloss textures that pop against the natural fairness of their skin. Conversely, darker skin tones can look fantastic when mated with paler, matt lip shades. This isn’t to say that women with darker skin should completely avoid vibrant gloss lipsticks or that fairer women should shun all pale shades, but it’s a useful example to illustrate our point. Put simply, you should always ensure that your lip colour works with your natural skin tone rather than fighting it. Every woman has a lip colour that works best for her; it’s just a case of finding the right one.

4. Brow shape

It’s not just about cosmetics; what you do with your face is important, too. It’s extremely common to see women who have plucked their eyebrows to a gossamer thin line with no visible shape or definition; an equal faux-pas would be shaping brows into a curiously high arch so they walk around in a perpetual state of surprise. Whilst your eyebrow pencil is wonderful for correcting such errors, the best approach is to go easy on the tweezers. Follow the natural shape of your brow line to best enhance the look of your eyes.

5. Base colour

Foundation and blush are great for evening out skin tone and adding an attractive flush to your cheeks, but again, you want to be seeking a look that is as close to your natural ideal as possible rather than building your skin tone from scratch. The natural temptation is to go for a foundation that is a tone or two too dark; this will stand out against your skin and be all too noticeable. If you’re worried that this might be you, try looking for a foundation that’s a full tone lighter than your usual the next time you buy, and use a light dusting of bronzer if you’d like a summery glow. Similarly, look for a blush that matches as closely as possible the tone your skin takes on when flushed; not overly bright, not excessively shimmery.

6. Black eyeliner

Using a lot of black eyeliner can make you look sexy and exotic – in the confines of a bar or a club that is. What’s great for a night out can run the risk of looking excessive and outlandish during the day, and black eyeliner certainly falls into this category when it’s overused. There are so many other options that you can try instead; try softer tones, particularly if you’re blonde or fair, as these won’t look quite so harsh when the sun is out.

No matter what look you go for, you’ll find all of the best products for it at the best prices when you become one of our favourite customers. Take a look at our makeup range and try something new this weekend.


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  1. […] For a big night out, you might want to apply a good liquid foundation, but remember our tips on tone and blending. Most of the time though, using a concealer on the dark patches under your eyes and on any redness […]

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