The £20 makeup challenge

The recent and seemingly endless recession has made us all take a good, hard look at our outgoings, and it’s shocking how much we can spend on the kind of things you can just buy without thinking. As we scrimp and save to pay the rent every month, we take a look into our closets and lament the dozen pairs of shoes we never wear, the blouses we bought on a whim and the dresses that have fallen out of fashion favour. The story is the same in our bathroom cabinets; pots, packets and tubes of cosmetics rally together on the shelves that, when tallied up, amount to nothing short of a small fortune. When these all run out, we’re turning over a new leaf. It’s time for a complete makeup look for less than £20.


Can it really be done? Can we honestly complete a look for as little as £20? We love a challenge, particularly if it saves us money. The jumping-off point to any good look is concealer, the little beige tube that helps us to freshen up under-eyes and hide imperfections even on the days when our skin doesn’t want to play ball. Nivea’s precise Perfect Cover concealer pen blends easily and can be applied very accurately; it’s available from our website for a mere £2.89. That’s a pretty good start…


Ok, so, foundation; maybe not one for everyday use (particularly on our restrictive budget), but certainly necessary for special occasions when a more complete look is required. As the basis of any glamorous look, foundation should blend well and give an even, natural skin tone as close as possible to your own colouring. We like a liquid foundation for both ease of application and the benefits they provide – if you can get one with SPF and antioxidants as well, they can actually enhance the health and quality of your skin. Revlon’s Liquid Foundation can help your skin remain youthful for longer, as well as providing excellent coverage.



We’re on a roll now, so it’s time to hit you with a cracking selection of lip colours because one’s never enough, is it? Maybelline Moisture extreme gives you enough lip-colour flexibility to suit several occasions.


Maybelline Moisture Extreme


That’s the skin sorted, so now it’s time to perk up those peepers. Black mascara may look great on a night out, but what about for everyday use? As we’re working on a budget and can only recommend one shade, we’d be inclined to go for a more flexible dark brown instead of black, so something like Telescopic by L’Oreal should provide you with the perfect tool for any occasion, and at a mere £2.99, who are we to complain?



We think we’ve got a pretty solid look down already, but there’s always space to glam it up a little with some classy eyeshadow. For maximum dexterity and variety, try out Maybelline Eyestudio This handy little compact contains four blendable colours in one, and you can pick it up from our website for just £2.29

By our calculations, a complete makeup look for under £20 with change to spare. Take a look at our full range of bargain designer cosmetics to see what you could achieve for less than twenty quid, or tell your friends by using one of the social share buttons below!


5 comments on “The £20 makeup challenge

  1. Sam says:

    Nice! There are lots of great drugstore/high street brands out there. I love expensive beauty products as much as the next girl, but sometimes the wallet is a little too empty for all of that 😉

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