How to Look Good Naked – A Cosmetics Guide

feel good nakedUnless you’re lucky enough to know a certain celebrity, no-one ever teaches you how to look good in the buff. There are thousands of articles on how to dress, how to accessorise, how to wear your hair and how to make the most of cosmetics, but precious few on perfecting the most natural state you can assume: nudity. So how can you look good naked? Gok Wan and his team of stylists and photographers are unlikely to turn up on your doorstep just in time to have you looking divine in the nude, but with the help of Direct Cosmetics and our new range of products, you can feel confident and sexy in the raw in no time. Continue reading


As Nature Intended: How to perfect the ‘natural’ makeup look

Most women know how to use their very best name brand makeup for a night out or a special occasion, but a far rarer skill is the ability to create a flawless ‘natural’ look. Your cosmetic routine should be used to accentuate what you have whilst simultaneously masking imperfections – the most skilfully applied makeup is the stuff you don’t notice. Read our five-step guide to perfecting the natural makeup look and trick everyone into thinking you look naturally radiant all the time! Continue reading

How To: Pick Your Perfect Holiday Cosmetics

Are you packing your makeup bag for a holiday this year? More and more people are seeking to get away from the miserable wind and rain of wintry Britain that seem to continue all year round. Wherever you’re going this year, be sure to pack yourself the right budget cosmetics for the job.

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How to Disguise those Tired eyes

You know how it is in the 21st century – we’re all busy, busy, busy, and that’s why so many people order makeup online. If you’re not putting in long hours at work you’re sorting out tax, bills and other boring life admin, cleaning the house or doing the shopping, you’re out at a party or drinking with your friends. You wouldn’t have it any other way of course, but that lifestyle can take its toll on your body as well as your mind. How many times have you crawled out of bed in the morning, stared blearily at the bathroom mirror and been met with puffy, dark circles and red-rimmed lids staring back at you? No-one likes to look as bad as they feel, so we’ve decided to throw together a quick how-to guide on how to banish those tiresome tired eyes.

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Your New Look Nailed

Our cosmetic philosophy states that ‘if you can’t do it on a budget, it’s not worth doing’. You’re probably thinking it’s more or less impossible to update your look for a couple of quid, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. While it may cost a little money to revamp your cosmetic cabinet completely (not too much though, we’ve done it for less than £20), it’s perfectly possible to refresh your look for less than a return bus ticket – we’re talking about nail art.

Update your look very quicklu

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MakeUp Mistakes and MasterStrokes

Do you make these six makeup mistakes?

do you make these make up mistakes?You know what it’s like: sometimes you just don’t feel dressed until you’ve seen to your makeup in the morning. The right balance of makeup, much like the right outfit, can make you feel like a million dollars. Looking good improves your confidence, which in turn can open doors for you personally, socially and professionally. However, a makeup faux-pas can ruin your day, and the worst part is that you may not even know about it. Here are six of the most common mistakes you could be making, and how you can remedy them.

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