The Perfect Smokey Eyes

A timeless look that we see all the time, is the smokey eye. Perfect for nights out, it is the epitome of glamour makeup. Here is a simple guide on how to create that look.

1. As with all makeup, you need to create a flawless base on the eye. Prime lids with a specific eye primer, this is to ensure the product goes on evenly and lasts. Also apply a little loose powder under the eyelid and on top of the cheekbone, this is to catch any loose eyeshadow that might fall, and enable you to “sweep” it away after you have finished the colour.

2. For best results use the correct brushes. An eyeshadow brush with a firm round tip, is ideal for applying base. For contour, use a tapered brush and for underlining the eyes, use a small flat brush. Try to get the best quality brushes, it does makes a difference to the final result.

3. Using a neutral eyeshadow (light mushroom, taupe, beige), cover the whole eyelid from the lashes to the brow bone. I prefer to use a slightly matte colour as the base, you can always add shimmer later.

4. Apply the darkest colour (charcoal grey is typical of a smokey eye), to your brush, gently tap to get rid of any excess powder, you can always build up colour, but its best not to apply too much straight away. Blend the colour into the crease of your eyelid, being careful not to go above the crease line, wing the colour up at the outer corners for a more “sex kitten” look. Keep blending until there are no harsh edges.

5. To complete the eyeshadow, apply a shimmer highlighter just under the brow bone to lift the eyes, you can also apply this to the inner corner of your eyes, to widen them.

6. With a soft kohl pencil in black/brown, line as close as you can to your top and bottom lashes, in small strokes, then gently blend. I find the pencils with added smudgers are great, if not use a cotton bud.

7. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of thickening and lengthening mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

8. Finally groom your eyebrows, either with a brow fix or a pencil close to your natural brow shade.

Remember you don’t have to stick to the typical charcoal grey smokey look. Try experimenting with deep plums, chocolate brown, dark navy and aubergine. Experiment with textures, although don’t go too overboard with shimmer. Just apply metallic either on the lid or just above the brow bone. Remember for classy not tarty, keep the rest of your look fairly neutral and sheer. A light tinted lipgloss and natural flushed cheeks is all you need to complete the look and have perfect sultry, smouldering eyes!


2 comments on “The Perfect Smokey Eyes

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