How To: Rock A Perfect Party Hairstyle

Perk up your style with these stunning new looks to wow your friends and co-workers this year!

How To: Rock A Perfect Party Hairstyle
Women across the country are pampering and preparing themselves to go out and make a splash at cocktail events, office dos and get togethers week after week. We’ve already shown you how to perfect that classic smokey eye and rock some stylish nail art, but we’re not done yet. You may have your dress and makeup sorted already, but what about your hair?
Read our party hairstyle guide and pick yourself a super-stylish ‘do for this year’s best events…

Down And (Not So) Dirty Men love to see a long-haired woman wear her hair down, and if you’re looking to turn heads this year, your locks could hold the key (arf arf). Wash clean and condition your hair with a shine conditioner to bring out that natural gloss. Go for a deep side parting with the majority of your hair on one side and brush thoroughly for a sleek, shiny finish.

Straight To The Point The straight look never gets old, does it? To add extra elegance to that little black cocktail dress, wash your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner before treating with a heat protecting hair mousse. Blow-dry your hair and then run your straightening irons half an inch from the root down to the tip to leave your locks looking straight and sleek as you like.

Fringe Benefits If you’ve got a naturally round face, you may find that a fringe is your best friend. A swept fringe can create a natural arc, effectively lengthening your face. In order to make your fringe behave and stay where it’s supposed to, try wetting the fringe itself and blow-dry whilst sweeping to the side. Tame with a squirt of healing oil spray before straightening to make sure it keeps its place all night long!

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