10 Top Tips for Younger Looking Hands

1. Always use a hand cream with an SPF sun is the biggest factor for ageing skin.

2. Keep a hand and cuticle cream next to your bed, it takes less than one minute to apply and as cells renew themselves whilst we sleep, you get more benefit applying at night.

3. A good investment is a water softener, not only for obvious uses, but washing up in soft water, is much kinder to the skin.

4. Once a week apply an exfoliater to rid hands of dead skin cells, you can also apply a hydrating face mask, to nourish the hands and nails, or alternatively, dip your fingers in melted slightly cool wax – this really nourishes the nail bed.

5. Squared edge nails are much more flattering than nails filed into a point, which are a little “80’s”.

6. Do try to wear gloves whilst doing the washing , and in the cold weather to protect chapped skin.

7. A quick buff of the nail bed, gives a great shine, and is easy for anyone who doesn’t have the time to wait for polish to dry. If you don’t want to have polished nails, apply a clear coat of colour for a freshly manicured look.

8. Never cut your cuticles, you can push them back, but leave cutting any hangnails to professional manicurists. Cutting your cuticles can damage the nail bed and lead to infections.

9. If your nails are yellow from wearing polish consistently, try rubbing with a lemon, or using denture cleansing tablets. This will gently bleach them.

10. Remember that your hands are a dead give away for your age. Its worth spending just a couple of minutes a day. If you invest time on your skincare routine, your hands should be part of this.



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