Celebrity Makeup Tutorial: Emma Watson

how to look like Emma watson

Back in the year 2000, the staff at Warner Bross were tasked with casting a teenage girl to play the mousy, academic companion to Harry Potter for the upcoming film franchise. Life is full of surprises, and who was to know that the plain little ten-year-old they selected at the start of the millennium was to grow up to be one of the most glamorous women on the planet? Today, Emma Watson is a global superstar and one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood.

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How To: Rock A Perfect Party Hairstyle

Perk up your style with these stunning new looks to wow your friends and co-workers this year!

How To: Rock A Perfect Party Hairstyle
Women across the country are pampering and preparing themselves to go out and make a splash at cocktail events, office dos and get togethers week after week. We’ve already shown you how to perfect that classic smokey eye and rock some stylish nail art, but we’re not done yet. You may have your dress and makeup sorted already, but what about your hair?
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