Lip Tricks

Thanks to the likes of A list celebs (namely Miss Jolie), lip plumping glosses and lipsticks are flying off the shelves. Nearly all cosmetic companies have now added lip plumping ingredients to their products, and whilst some work temporarily, none can work as well as a few “up your sleeve” make up artists tricks. If you don’t want to resort to collagen, and with a phobia of needles not to mention the non-existence bank balance, frankly I don’t… see below some great tips, move over Bardot!

1. Firstly, a lip primer is essential. Apply with fingertips all over the lips including just over the natural lip line, blending well.

2. With a highlighter (such as YSL Touch Éclat), blend across the natural lip line and just very slightly over. These first two steps will give you your blank canvas to build those lips.

3. Next, with a neutral lip pencil as close to your natural lip shade, apply on your cupids bow, just in the middle underneath your bottom lip and slightly on the outer corners of the mouth. This is better than applying all over, as it gives the illusion of a sharper cupids bow and makes the lips look more 3D. Make sure you blend well, so there is no obvious line.

4. Next with a similar creamy nude lipstick, fill in your lips from the outer corner, applying lightly into the middle, as you want the coverage to be light.

5. With a shimmer pencil in creamy/white or silver, apply a little to the middle of your top and bottom lip and blend. This will make your lips “pop”.

6. Again with the same shimmer, you can apply just a tiny amount in the middle of your cupids bow.

Voila, instant plumper lips. Try to keep the colours light and neutral. Whilst glamour model shots may use dark lip line and frosty colour, this is because of the harsh artificial light. On the rest of us it can look nothing more than cheap, tacky and odd. Most lip plumpers contain tingling ingredients such as cinnamon or chilli, these temporarily make the lips swell to look larger, but don’t last for long. You can apply the same tips above for any lip colour you choose to wear, although I always think natural colours look better. Enjoy the compliments!


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