Autumn beauty routine: adding colour

Autumn makeup

Summer may be over but that’s no reason to abandon colourful cosmetics. With autumn comes a whole new set of colours to incorporate in your beauty routine. At Direct Cosmetics you will find big brand cosmetics at bargain prices – the perfect place to stock up on your autumnal cosmetic essentials. What are our favourite ways to add colour to an autumn beauty routine? Read on to find out…

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Awesome autumn makeup tutorials: five of our faves

Autumn Beauty MakeupHere at Direct Cosmetics, we love autumn. Instead of mourning the end of another summer, let’s embrace autumn! Last year we wrote about the autumn colours that inspired us to create new looks. From berry reds and purples to rich chestnuts and sparkling golds, there are plenty of different ways to channel the new season’s colours in your makeup routine. Want to learn how to master some key autumn looks? What better way to do it than to learn from the best! We’ve assembled a collection of the greatest autumn makeup tutorials you can find on the internet, covering everything from classic berry lips to colourful autumn ombré eyes!

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Ten self-tanning tips to replenish your summer glow

Self-tanBritain’s all-too brief summer is at its end – but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your hard-earned tan for another year! Self-tanning products are improving every year; no longer are they associated with Sunny-D style lurid orange tans, but a healthy bronze glow that is a worthy replacement of the real thing. Still, better products might lead to improved tans, but the way you apply self-tanning products can have a huge effect on the final result. If you’re after some self-tanning tips to help you top up your end-of-summer tan, read on!

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Summer beauty inspiration: tips from celebs

2 - Waterproof makeupThe end of summer may be just around the corner, but given the vagaries of the British weather we might just enjoy another six weeks of summery sunshine before autumn begins to bite. Throughout the summer, we’ve been offering Beauty Talk Blog readers summer beauty advice, including a summer cosmetics survival guide and the season’s top beauty trends. In today’s edition of our blog, we’re going to take a look at some summer beauty advice offered by celebrities and their stylists. Continue reading

Five tanning myths busted

The summer is nearing its end, so we should enjoy the sun while we still can! Before we know it we’ll be back in the seemingly endless winter, and lazy days on the beach will be a distant memory. Now’s the time to top up your tan. We’re writing this article while looking out at a gorgeous cloud-free blue sky – we hope the weather is just as cheery as you’re reading it. Before you step outside to start tanning however, are you sure you know your UVA from your UVB? Direct Cosmetics takes a look at some of all-too common tanning myths, and busts them conclusively…

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Ten lipstick tips and tricks for the perfect pout

LipstickAfter a couple of seasons of quiet lips on the catwalk, lipstick has well and truly returned! Kylie Jenner’s bold, plumped lips have been the subject of endless Instagram and Twitter trends, while celebs such as Taylor Swift and Emma Stone have embraced the classic red lip as their trademark look. But as we all know, it’s a lot more difficult to achieve the perfect pout than these celebs make it look! If you’d like to step up your lipstick game this summer, take a look at these handy lipstick tips and trick. Continue reading

Top Five Fragrances to flavour your summer

Top five fragrances to flavour your summerDirect cosmetics has put a lot of time and care into guiding you to the right fragrances for the right season and for the right you. So what about finding a fragrance that reflects what you want to do? In the summer season, humdrum life becomes more varied and suddenly people go from all work and no play to some working and some playing. Gathering advice from other fragrance articles on the Direct Cosmetics blog we can start to create a fragrance map to guide us into the summer months and suggest the fragrance categories you should be trying.

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