Valentine’s Day date night makeup: five stunning looks

2 - Valentine's makeup

You’ve probably already planned your outfit (or outfits) for Valentine’s Day, but you’re not prepared for the big day just yet! The most romantic day of the year is no time for rushed or half-hearted makeup application – we all want to look perfect on Valentine’s Day, particularly if we’re going on a date with our crush or partner! Last year, we shared our tips for prepping for a big date and avoiding common cosmetics nightmares. If you’re undecided about how to wear makeup on Valentine’s Day and want some inspiration, we’re here to help! These five distinct makeup looks are all fantastic options for a Valentine’s Day date…

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A beginner’s guide to flawless contouring


facial contouring. Woman with a different shades of foundation o

Contouring: a makeup technique that’s transcended the catwalk and the red carpet to become one of the defining cosmetic trends of this decade (so far). The premise of contouring is simple: use different shades of makeup to accentuate facial features and define bone structure. Kim Kardashian is the celeb who’s done most to bring contouring to the spotlight – she’s shared some fab contouring pics on Instagram and inspired many of us to give it a go! Kim K may make contouring and highlighting look effortless, but the truth is it’s a tricky technique to master – but don’t be intimidated by contouring. We’re here to help you get started.

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Winter getaway cosmetics: what to pack in your travel bag

Winter sunPlanning to jet off for sand, sun and sea, or perhaps for some skiing this season? If you’re lucky enough to be taking some time off over the next month or so, no doubt you’ll already be planning your outfits – but don’t forget to consider your choice of makeup and cosmetics, too! Even when we only spend a few nights away, there’s never quite enough room in the suitcase – and then we have to decide what to take in our hand luggage, too! If you don’t know what to pack in your travel bag, we’re here to help…

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Anti-aging skincare tips for every decade

wrinkleworriesPreventing or reversing aging is a dream for many of us! Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time just yet, so we’ll have to make do with tackling the signs of the aging process. Your skin is where the aging process is first noticeable, so it’s little surprise that anti-aging skincare products are so popular. If you think you’re too young for these types of products (or you think it’s too late!) then think again. There are measures we can all take to improve the health of our skin and reduce the effect of aging, regardless of which decade you’re in.

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Six tips for buying makeup on a budget

makeup2We can’t all afford to pay full whack for makeup from leading brands like Chanel, Dior and co., but that doesn’t mean makeup addicts like us should have to settle for poor quality products that don’t break the bank. It takes a little more work to find and buy luxury cosmetics if your budget is £20 a month rather than £200, but it can still be done! In the run up to Christmas we’re all feeling the pinch – so your makeup budget may be compromised. Before you rush down to your local supermarket and grab the cheapest liner and lippy available, check out our tips to help you find high quality makeup at affordable prices.

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Five beauty hacks that don’t really work

Beauty secretsLife hacks: those nifty little tricks that save us time, money and help us solve minor problems in our lives. There are plenty of genuine beauty life hacks that we wonder how we ever lived without, but for every neat trick there are five other beauty hacks that are just plain useless – or even dangerous. Don’t believe everything you read on Pinterest – here are just a handful of supposed ‘beauty life hacks’ that you’d be better off avoiding altogether… Continue reading