Eight top winter skincare tips to try this year

1 - Winter skincare dos and donts IIIt might seem only a few months since last winter, but autumn will pass quickly and we’ll soon be dealing with long winter nights and chilly winter weather once more! For those of us with dry or sensitive skin, winter is a particularly annoying time of year. Cold, dry air and central heating can further dry out our skin, leaving it more vulnerable to irritation. Tweaking your skincare routine for winter can help you reduce or eliminate the common skincare problems you suffer during the winter months. While everyone’s skincare needs and problems are different, there are many general skincare tips we can offer to help you through the winter. Continue reading

Fancy festive feet: pedicures for the Christmas period

Christmas pedicure I

Winter weather means that your feet are safely tucked away in cosy socks and foot hugging boots for much of the season. While this is undoubtedly comfortable and warm, it can wreak havoc with your feet. The worst thing about winter footwear is when you realise party season is just around the corner and you haven’t been looking after those toes. Follow these pedicure tips using our best friendly beauty buys for sandal-proud feet ready for the Christmas party season. Continue reading

Top beauty gifts for Christmas 2014

Beauty gifts II

Can you believe that it’s that time of year again already? Yes, Christmas shopping season is well and truly here, and it’s time to start jotting down some gift ideas for those special people in your life. Here on the Beauty Talk blog, the Direct Cosmetics team are here to recommend some beauty gift ideas – for any price range. Do bear in mind that the products and offers on our site change frequently, so move quickly to secure this season’s top beauty gifts! Continue reading

Winter skincare: dos and don’ts

1 - Winter skincare dos and donts IWe hate to say it, but winter is coming. That means your skincare routine needs changing. To cope with the cold, dry air, many of us need to make small changes to how we look after our skin. If you have dry or sensitive skin, it’s especially important to reconsider your skincare routine so that it’s better suited to cope with winter weather – this might mean changing habits or buying winter skincare products to help you deal with specific skin problems. Continue reading

Eight life hacks to improve your beauty routine

1 - Beauty life hacksHow long does your makeup and hair routine take in the mornings and evenings? Whether you view your beauty routine as a therapeutic part of your day or you’re always looking to shorten it, we’ve put together a series of beauty life hacks that can drastically improve your morning ritual! Some of these makeup tips will save you time, money, or make you look even more stunning than usual, so which of these eight cosmetic life hacks will you use in future? Continue reading

The £20 cosmetics challenge: new job makeup

The £20 cosmetic challenge - new job makeupIf you’ve been searching far and wide for a job and have finally landed yourself an interview, congratulations! You’ve made it one step closer to climbing the career ladder, so now all you need to do is prepare for that all-important interview. We’re quite sure you’ve already run through your CV and picked out the perfect outfit, all that’s left is to figure out what makeup you’re going to wear. Don’t panic if being out of a job has left you a little penniless, you can still afford to get the makeup look you desire with our help! Here’s all the makeup you need for your job interview for under £20!

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Taming the trends: metallic ombré eyes


2 - Metallic eyeliner

There are some cosmetics trends that we’re glad to see the back of (drawn on eyebrows, anyone?), but then along come trends that we instantly adore and secretly hope will stick around for decades to come. Ombré has been everywhere in the past couple of years. If you’re out of the loop, ombré is simply a posh word for a gradient of shade or colour, changing from light to dark. You’ll have seen the term used in many different areas of beauty, but today we’re going to take a look at ombré eyes. There are hundreds of different ombré eye looks out there, but we’re going to talk about our favourite – metallic ombré eyes. Here at Direct Cosmetics, we adore metallics – and we’re delighted to see that they’re on trend once more. Metallic ombré eyes are a classy and sophisticated way to use metallics – and it’s a look that can be achieved at minimal expense!

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