Ten lipstick tips and tricks for the perfect pout

LipstickAfter a couple of seasons of quiet lips on the catwalk, lipstick has well and truly returned! Kylie Jenner’s bold, plumped lips have been the subject of endless Instagram and Twitter trends, while celebs such as Taylor Swift and Emma Stone have embraced the classic red lip as their trademark look. But as we all know, it’s a lot more difficult to achieve the perfect pout than these celebs make it look! If you’d like to step up your lipstick game this summer, take a look at these handy lipstick tips and trick. Continue reading

Top Five Fragrances to flavour your summer

Top five fragrances to flavour your summerDirect cosmetics has put a lot of time and care into guiding you to the right fragrances for the right season and for the right you. So what about finding a fragrance that reflects what you want to do? In the summer season, humdrum life becomes more varied and suddenly people go from all work and no play to some working and some playing. Gathering advice from other fragrance articles on the Direct Cosmetics blog we can start to create a fragrance map to guide us into the summer months and suggest the fragrance categories you should be trying.

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Summer haircare tips: how to look after your hair this summer

Holiday haircareHere at the Direct Cosmetics HQ, we’re counting down the days until the summer holidays when we’ll be jetting off to catch plenty of sun, sea and sand. Regardless of whether you’re heading to warmer climes or staycationing in the UK, summer brings new beauty challenges for all of us. High levels of heat, humidity and UV rays can wreak havoc on your hair, and if you’re planning on spending plenty of time at the pool or the beach, you’ll have to deal with salt and chlorine, too. Don’t want to resign yourself to another summer of frizz? Read on for some quick summer haircare tips to manage the effects of all the elements this season can throw at you. Continue reading

Summer skin: three steps to keeping cool

Sweat. It appears everywhere: from your scalp to between yours toes, there’s no escaping it. Hot weather, as much as we all love it, poses both a health and beauty hazard to our skin and can leave us with breakouts – and running makeup besides. Thankfully, there are solutions to the sweaty syndrome, all of which come from thorough skincare steps and carefully chosen, sun-friendly cosmetics. Take a look at our bathroom to beach skincare steps and see how summer cosmetics can help you achieve a cooler and dryer summer:

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Summer fragrances: your complete guide

summerscentsFragrances are deeply personal products. Finding your favourite fragrance, one that perfectly reflects your personality and your tastes, is no mean feat. We associate perfumes with people, occasions and certain periods of our lives. One fragrance might take you back to a family Christmas from your childhood, while another might trigger memories of a long, blissful holiday from several years back. Moving away from your favourite perfume to another can be slightly daunting. A new season is the perfect time to make the leap and diversify your fragrance collection! Read on for your complete guide to choosing a summer fragrance. Continue reading

Five top Father’s Day fragrance picks

Special DadFather’s Day: Sunday 21st June 2015. Chosen a present for your old man yet? Father’s Day is one of those occasions that tends to sneak up on us – with only days to go, it’s time to choose a gift! It’s all too easy to get your dad his usual bottle of scotch or a new-fangled gadget, but often these gifts tend to lack the personal touch. Want a gift for dad that’s classic, sophisticated, yet deeply personal? How about a fragrance? If you’re not sure what scents your dad likes or you can’t find his usual cologne, take a look at these top fragrance brands for some great Father’s Day gift ideas!

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How to achieve a summer glow without damaging your skin

1 - Summer glow

To us, making the most of the summer means spending time achieving that desirable summer glow. Did you know that when your skin tans it is because your skin cells are becoming darker to protect you from the sun’s dangerous rays and radiation? This radiation is known as ultraviolet (UV) radiation  – the dangerous ones that can ultimately cause cancer are known as UVA and UVB. It is impossible to eliminate all risk of being exposed to the sun’s UV radiation, but there are ways of significantly reducing the negative impacts of UV, so don’t worry! Just remember, next time you hit the beach, stop and think: do you have adequate skin protection? Continue reading