How to choose the right moisturiser

How to choose the right moisturiserMoisturisers are an essential part of every girl’s make-up armoury and a crucial part of our morning beauty routines – but how do we know if we have the right one? Many of us rely on trial and error to find the right moisturiser, but there’s a less expensive (and quicker!) route that you can take instead. Here’s what you need to look out for when you’re trying to find the perfect moisturiser for you.

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How to: prevent your curls from dropping

Stop curls from dropping

Everybody wants their hair to look as good at the end of the night as it does when they leave the house, but unfortunately – what with the weather and the partying to contend with – ensuring your hair stays in place throughout the night can prove a little difficult! There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the best part of an hour curling your hair only to have the curls drop out the moment you step outside! Curly hair is set to be big again this year and for those of you who don’t have naturally curly hair, trying to keep curls in place can seem impossible at times. Fortunately, while we’re brimming with cosmetic tips here at Direct Cosmetics, we also have some hair care secrets up our sleeve, too! Take a look at our guide to making your curls hold for longer… Continue reading

Five hair and beauty trends to try this summer

Summer trends

One of the things we look forward to the most about summer isn’t the picnics, BBQs and warm weather – it’s all of the exciting new beauty trends we get to try. Each season brings with it a variety of looks and styles to experiment with, whether they have been influenced by celebrities, the catwalk or festive occasions, so all you need are the right cosmetic products to give them a go. Take a look at these five hair and beauty trends we’ve already spotted this summer. Continue reading

Top beauty secrets: what your beauty issues really mean

Beauty secretsWe all have certain beauty issues we prefer to avoid drawing attention to, choosing instead to cover them up as best we can with cosmetics or going to extreme lengths to ‘fix’ them without ever really determining the cause. Trying to treat a problem without knowing the cause could just end up making it worse, so wouldn’t it be better to get to the root of such issues and figure out a way to deal with our beauty hang-ups for good? Most of the issues that we find so difficult to deal with are our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right. Here’s what your body could be trying to tell you, and how you can answer the call in future with the help of the appropriate cosmetic advice.

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5-step guide to flawless skin (without knives or needles)

Guide for Flawless skinThere’s an ever-increasing pressure for older women to achieve flawless skin, thanks in no small part to the influence of the glossies and other magazines that seem to take a sadistic pleasure in pointing out the imperfections and flaws of anyone unfortunate enough to walk within range of a paparazzo’s zoom lens. In an attempt to combat the ageing process, more and more women have been undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures such as Botox and even facelifts, procedures that have numerous dangers and disadvantages. We’re not convinced of the merits of surgery as a means of improving one’s looks, but in fact believe that there’s little you can’t achieve with the deft use of a makeup brush or two. Read our 5-step guide to flawless skin without having to resort to knives or needles! Continue reading

Three-minute makeup for when you’re in a rush

Three minutes for make upOh dear, you knew going out on a work night was a mistake. You meant to just have one, but one turned into three and three turned into… best not to think about it. You slept through your alarm, or maybe just point-blank forgot to set one. Anyway, there’s no time for breakfast, no time for a shower and just about enough time to throw some clothes on and rush out the door. You can’t let the boss see you looking like this though, can you? Fortunately, you might just have enough time to squeeze in our three-minute makeup SOS routine and get away scott free…

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Blowing the whistle on male cosmetics


We’re not going to pretend to believe that any guys are going to be reading this post themselves, so ladies, we’re going to address this one to you directly, if you don’t mind. Most men have an inbuilt suspicion about cosmetics; they often associate them with femininity so the mere mention of guyliner or manscara will have them puffing out their chests and striding manfully off to the nearest boozer in no time. We don’t want to talk about the divisive subject of male beautifiers however (we like our guys as rugged as the rest of you), just the everyday male cosmetics that all blokes should keep in their side of the bathroom cabinet. Here’s what they need to know, and as they aren’t going to be reading this, you’re going to have to remember to tell them. Repeatedly. Continue reading