Taming the trends: metallic ombré eyes


2 - Metallic eyeliner

There are some cosmetics trends that we’re glad to see the back of (drawn on eyebrows, anyone?), but then along come trends that we instantly adore and secretly hope will stick around for decades to come. Ombré has been everywhere in the past couple of years. If you’re out of the loop, ombré is simply a posh word for a gradient of shade or colour, changing from light to dark. You’ll have seen the term used in many different areas of beauty, but today we’re going to take a look at ombré eyes. There are hundreds of different ombré eye looks out there, but we’re going to talk about our favourite – metallic ombré eyes. Here at Direct Cosmetics, we adore metallics – and we’re delighted to see that they’re on trend once more. Metallic ombré eyes are a classy and sophisticated way to use metallics – and it’s a look that can be achieved at minimal expense!

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Three makeup looks you can achieve on a budget

Looks on a budgetBeing a makeup addict is not easy! We’d quite happily spend hundreds of pounds a month on makeup if our bank balance allowed us to. We don’t just need to replenish our mascara and moisturiser stocks and chuck out any unloved products – we also want to stay on trend and try out the season’s hottest new looks. Luckily, even makeup addicts on a budget can get their fix through brand name cosmetics retailers such as Direct Cosmetics. We’ve challenged ourselves to achieve three classic makeup looks on a budget. Continue reading

Our favourite autumnal colours (and how to fit them into your beauty routine)

 Autumn beauty regime
Summer is pretty much over already. Before you hop on a plane to the southern hemisphere to enjoy some more sun, let’s hold out for a couple more weeks of balmy temperatures this month. Of course, a new season also gives us the opportunity to try out some new looks! Autumn is a fantastic season for freshening up your makeup routine and adding some new colours to your cosmetic palette. Now’s not the time for bright blues and fluorescent pinks – embrace the turning of the season by adopting autumn hues: oranges, reds and deep greens, to name but a few. Autumn’s many colours provide the perfect source of inspiration for your beauty routine. We’ve picked five of our favourite autumn colours and have a few suggestions for how to add them to your beauty routine…

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Autumnal cosmetics: changing your look for the new season

1 - Autumnal cosmetics

With the (all too sudden) change in the season from summer to autumn, it’s time to change your look as well. As you begin rediscovering those favourite woollen jumpers, warm leather boots and winter coats that have remained hidden at the back of your wardrobe since the early spring, isn’t it fitting to change your cosmetic style as well? Autumn provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with new styles and use different colours too. Despite the sometimes miserable weather, here at Direct Cosmetics we’ve decided that autumn is one of our favourite seasons for the beautiful and vast array of cosmetic opportunities it presents.

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Five fast beauty fixes for when you’re on the go!

Five fix beautys while you are on the goFive fast beauty fixes for when you’re on the go!

We’ve all been there – the alarm didn’t go off and now you’re running late for work. You don’t have time to have your breakfast, let alone shower or concentrate on doing your makeup properly, and it’s only now you realise half of your products could probably do with replacing. Crumbly bronzer is difficult to deal with when you’re in a rush! What you could do with, are a few cheats to making yourself look presentable, on the go. Luckily, at Direct Cosmetics, not only do we have a few secrets we are more than willing to share with you, but we can even tell you exactly where to find the best cosmetics to use, for the best price available. Take a look at five of our fast beauty fixes. Continue reading

Eight steps to the perfect before bed skincare routine

Here at Direct Cosmetics, we have our morning skincare routines all sorted out, but we don’t think we’re alone in saying that we don’t pay enough attention to our skin before we sleep. In the day our skin is exposed to all kinds of pollutants – not to mention UV light from the sun. What should you be doing before you go to bed to keep your skin in tip-top shape for the next day?
#1 Wash your face
After a long day at work or a night out on the town, washing your face might not seem a particularly pressing issue before you catch some sleep, but it’s extremely important. Without taking the time to clear out your pores, all the grime and pollutants that have accumulated during the day will stay in place. Adding products over these clogged pores will only make the problem worse.
#2 Exfoliate
The best time to exfoliate is undoubtedly before bed. Exfoliating in the morning can mean that the lower layers of your skin are more exposed to sunlight and other damaging pollutants – so be sure to get it done in the evening, allowing your skin to recover overnight.
#3 Moisturise thoroughly
A higher body temperature when you sleep means that you’ll sweat more, losing increased amounts of moisture from your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, it’s particularly important to moisturise thoroughly before you head to bed.
#4 Look after your eyes
As well as standard moisturiser, it’s a good idea to use some eye cream to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Apply the eye cream gently, and at least half an hour before sleep, or else the product could end up irritating your eyes.
#5 Don’t neglect your lips
If your lips are chapped, the nighttime is perfect for letting them recover. You can help them along a little bit by using a toothbrush and water to remove the dead skin. A specialist lip repair product will give your lips even more of a boost, should they need it.
#6 Wear loose-fitting nightwear
Loose nightwear will let the skin breathe and repair itself naturally, so make sure that your pyjamas aren’t too tight or restrictive when you turn in. It’s important to allow air to your skin while you sleep, even in winter!
#7 Sleep on your back
If you can, try and change your sleeping position so that you’re not sleeping on your face. Compressing your skin will, again, prevent it from breathing and repairing itself. The compressed skin receives restricted circulation, potentially becoming damaged and leading to wrinkles. Sleeping on your back, propping your head up with an additional pillow or switching to silk sheets should help to reduce this.
#8 Get a good night’s sleep
If you’re only catching a few hours sleep each night, your body won’t have time to recover from a hard day’s work. Aim for at least eight hours a night to reduce those dark circles. Even the best skincare routine is no replacement for a good night’s sleep!
Following our nighttime skincare routine will banish puffy eyes, dark circles and dry skin and let you wake up with a healthy glow and stunningly smooth skin! Take a look at our full range of skincare products to see how Direct Cosmetics can help you keep your skin looking and feeling great.

Cosmetic advice: selecting a summer scent

Floral fragrance

We’ve been spoilt with the weather so far this summer – fingers crossed it lasts! While the sun’s out there’s nothing we want more than to spend time in the out-of-doors, lounging on the beach or turning sausages on the barbecue, sipping cocktails at a bar or enjoying a picnic in the park. Our lifestyles change in the summer, and that means we need a new scent to match the season. If you’re looking for a new perfume to freshen up your fragrance this summer, what kind of product should you choose? Read our cosmetic advice to find the right summer fragrance for you. Continue reading